Your New Facebook Overlords

Facebook wants to OWN YOUR WHOLE LIFE now.

At a press conference Thursday, Facebook unveiled Home, a new smartphone software design it cryptically said “isn’t a phone or operating system,” but is “more than just an app” and will deliver a “completely new experience.”

That “new experience” doesn’t stop at the phone’s screen. What Home seeks to deliver is not only a Facebook environment for our phones, but also a Facebook environment for our lives.

With Home, Facebook has crossed the line between something people check — that they have control over, and deploy according to their wishes and needs — to become something that’s always on, checking in with us, fighting for attention, waving people we know in our face.

Rather than a tool we use to talk to others, the phone, thanks to Facebook, has become something that communicates to us. And it’s Facebook that gets to do the talking.

I’ve written about their sketchy tactics before and I quote myself:

Facebook and Instagram are Asking Users for Govt Issued ID. Welp. There you go. Hope you weren’t among those who around 10 years ago or so used to laugh at those quaint people protesting and carrying on about how the internet should be free. Well its not free and never has been – at least for those of us not hip to the hack and for those who dunno: information has always been the currency of choice for the PTB. By the way, FB is Instagram’s parent company in case you didn’t know. Hence them being in tandem on this new development.

I had a chuckle at this from the article: “More frustrating still for some users, not all IDs have been accepted, leading Facebook and Instagram to send follow-up emails asking users to provide more documentation, including their birth certificates, if necessary.” No, my dear dunderheads. They accepted your info alright. They just couldn’t believe their luck that a grown thinking person would hand over the goodies for their application and put you on the list for further trolling and information mining.

I was kinda joking when I wrote the ending paragraph to my last diatribe about FB (see below), but now I wonder if I wasn’t being prescient instead of paranoid. Have fun with your new internet overlords. Me? I’m out.


I just WILL NOT go over to the Facebook Darkside. I won’t! It is getting harder and harder to be on the web and FB-less. I’m not sure what end it comes from (user or provider) but I can make a guess. There were times when I would be blocked from even reading some of my usual FB timeline haunts – until either the user toggled something to allow us non-FBians access, or FB just up and quit being so draconian. Probably another one of many “opt out” features that FB is famous for.


I’ve already mentioned how many blogs and sites that encourage comments are switching to exclusively FB and how annoying that is. But then I guess I should thank them, because we all know how blood pressure raising engaging on some site commentary can be. Still, I feel the marginalization of people like me coming on STRONG. Nobody takes pause. I admire those sites that have both available – both FB and non-FB comment posting ability. The ones that are FB-only make me wonder.


I guess I’m just paranoid and have read way too many sci-fi stories (or seen too many sci-fi movies) that talk about some originally thought to be benign product/service that begins to sneak its way into every day life and then “all of a sudden” BAM!!! Its running EVERYTHING. And not in any good way either. One sixth of the planet of human beings is a FB user. And counting. Will I end up being some sort of resistance fighter in some dystopian apocalyptic future fighting against some huge conglomerate entity like you know in Terminator or something? Nah. Like that could ever happen.


I really hate being right.

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    Memo to AWB:

    We’re sorry, but the parties you are trying to reach are not available @ this time. Please sign out, and try again later…

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