Letting Go

I’m in the midst of the daunting task of moving my blog from one host to another. Namely the sad and sorry Blog dot com entity to the always amazing Word Press. Thing is, I’m wondering about just letting it all go and starting up from scratch right here. I won’t actually delete my former blog space, as I’m sure in time – sooner rather than later – blog dot com will crash and burn and my blog will go poof all on its own.


Their own blog hasn’t been updated since December 2012, their latest tweet is 17 days old, and their last Facebook post was March 21st. Neither of those communication services saying anything concrete about the 36 hour outtage near the end of last month – with some international blogs still not up – which prompted me (and so many others) contemplating making this move in the first place.

The reasons I didn’t pick Word Press in the first place seem so silly now, and I sure as heck won’t tell you what they were – so now I get to reap the rewards of my silly decision making. I could blame it on my illness, and making awkward and silly decisions if I can even get my brain to work in decision-making mode to begin with is a for sure symptom, but I really don’t like to do that. It feels like a cop out. The people in my support system would say that it isn’t. That I’m coping as best I can and fudging up a blog host choice is not the worst thing in the world I could have done. So ok.

But now I have to decide if I can actually handle transferring my Best Of blog posts and pages from there to here, or just say forget it and leave them be. I’ve collected links and things from there that I may or may not have saved elsewhere for my own personal use, but contemplating just what it would entail to move the majority of my stuff… well it makes me want to reach for my emergency meds, pull the Two Black Cats over my head and take the day off.

So for right now I’m in the Letting Go camp.

I’m not updating my blog over there, and I’m continuing on writing here while fixing up this space so it looks all purty and whatsnot.

Letting Go is also a good thing for me to do in other areas of my life, so why not start here?


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