I’m Being Courted By The GOP

He’s Young. And Cute. And Brown.

What’s not to love?

I haven’t felt this desirable and sought after since that one Summer I spent as A Young Black Woman In France.


Helloo there Raffi Williams!

He’s just been named deputy press secretary at the Republican National Committee, tasked with taking the party’s message to young African-American voters and black media. His appointment is in line with the GOP effort to attract rather than alienate minorities and improve its showing in future elections. (source)

I’m a sucker for a pretty face, and yes I also prefer my men on the younger side. However, am I willing to go over to the dark side because Raffi Williams winked at me across the room?


I can’t speak for all minorities (even though I’m a double whammy what with being both Black and female) so I’ll just speak for myself. Party affiliation is so much more than skin deep. It doesn’t matter what hue the person is, if the ideals they stand for, and speak on are not in my best interests, I’m never going to sign up.

They can provide stage dressing, window dressing, gild the lily and trot out a whole passel of prettiness but until the Republican Party does at least the following, I’m not interested in even a first date.

1. Admit you are wooing me because you know you need my vote in order to make things happen for yourself.

2. Stop passing legislation that makes it harder for me to vote. Things like reducing early voting days, eliminating voting by mail/from overseas, requiring ID to vote and so on.

3. Stop saying racist things, using racist code words, hate speech, and continuing to endorse those party members who keep doing that sort of thing. Leave the Southern Strategy (and the face bronzer) at home.

4. The war on women? Yeah, you might want to dial that back a bit. It’s not pretty, and makes you out to be the old fogeys that you are. Don’t get used by organizations and coalitions that use you to further their own interests under the guise of being helpful and supportive to your message. They are part of the reason why your party is so broken right now. Think for yourself, get an education, get real facts and knowledge. Science is your friend. What a great place to start.

5. Stop letting the Tea Party run your party. The reason why you are in the position you are today – you know, courting people you really actually don’t care about one bit – is because you let the TP run rampant and ruin the GOP. Women, young people and POC voters ran screaming away from your party in DROVES. There are not enough white male voters of any age and ilk to replace those numbers. Fix your party. Our country works best when we have at least two major parties duking it out over the issues. Right now there is in truth only one left.

6. Come correct on immigration. You get all racist-ish and the code words start creeping into the rhetoric. Heck, forget code words y’all are still referring to Hispanic and Latino immigrants as wetbacks. Like, eeww ok? Yeah, your white sheets are showing.

7. I’m human. I might judge you by the company you keep. Have a care what networks, pundits, television shows, and radio personalities etc you have as mouthpieces and representatives of your party and your message.

8. Leave religion out of your politics. Remind yourself why one of the main founding principles of America is the separation of church and state. Study actual American history and constitutional documents.

9. Stop lying. Any strong relationship is built on a solid foundation of trust. You say one thing and do another. You say another thing one time and then deny having ever said it. Rinse, lather and repeat. At least you contributed to the economy. Fact Checking has now become a cottage industry thanks to your shenanigans. Really tho. Stop lying.

10. Fill in the blank. Surprise me! Think outside of that box you’re trapped in.


It could happen.
The party I’m dating right now is far from perfect and I’m well aware of that fact, and I know what their imperfections are. Right now, (and for a very long time actually) compared to you, the Democrats look extra cute and you aren’t really giving them any competition. 

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