Put Some Melanin In Ya Podcast


My post title: lyrics rapped by the awesome Jasiri X. (Get the full song Enter The Blackness – the TWiB theme – and more RIGHT HERE) I got to know this talented consciousness rapper when I viewed his What If The Tea Party Was Black video making the rounds during the election years (2010-2012). And more recently his 10 Frisk Commandments video.

I bring up Jasiri X because he’s one of the musical artists that collaborate with my favorite podcast crew This Week In Blackness over there doing their STUFF at TWiBradio. You can listen live during their scheduled podcasts, or grab em from RSS feeds like amTWiB, TWiB Prime, AfterBlack and We Nerd Hard, or do your thang over on Stitcher, iTunes etc.


You can register on their website so you can participate on the forums, the chatroom during live podcasts and you can also keep tabs on whats happenin via all their social media and whatsnot too. Big ups to Managing Director, Elon James White for making all this magic happen. Without you and your crew I would haz a sad on the permanent. You guys Make My Days BETTER.


Imani Gandy of Angry Black Lady Chronicles is a regular guest on various podcasts all over the place including TWiB. You can tune in to hear what she has to say on this delicious LIST OF APPEARANCES. A treat for your ears and warmth for your activist heart.

[UPDATE: *squeeeeeee!!* Angry Black Lady Chronicles is now a part of TWiB!! OMG YAY!]


We are out there. Listening. Speaking. Weighing in what’s important to us. And kicking it casual, discussing pop culture, politics, music and well The American Life from our unique perspectives. Get in on it.



One of my favorite Black female bloggers Awesomely Luvvie does a podcast too! YAY! Check out Ratchet and the Geek. “The intersection of social media, pop culture and technology”. Paired with her geeky white male co-host you get that interesting mix, that funny and fantastic POV that is so wonderfully American. Ear Candy!


There is oh so much more out there in the Black podcast universe. These are just my current top faves. I wanted to share them with you. But as always: Utilizer Le Google and see what’s out there.

Being Black in America means that some times, a lot of the time you are called upon to be a Teacher Of All Things Black. Yeah, I know. But it does happen. In my younger days, I was ok with that. Because really, we barely had an internet, cell phones weighed 50lbs and hardly anyone used them outside of the business arena, and social media was you gossiping in the quad in between classes.

Stuff was more face to face and who wanted to spend a sunny afternoon in a library poring over dusty out of date encyclopedias when you could just ask Your Handy Black Friend what was up?

Nowadays I just look at people funny and throw major side eye when asked the same things I was asked over 20 years ago. Wiki, Google, Blogs, Social Media, Websites, Podcasts, Melissa Harris Perry for Buddha’s Sake!

Cozy up to the melaninized perspective and get ya Chocolate Cuddles ON. Stop buggin ya Black friends and get your knowledge on your own time and under your own steam. Heck I learn stuff every time I tune in and Bliss Out. Join me :)


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  1. mary burrell says:

    Thanks for this.

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