Game Of Thrones Kilt Me

Holy cheese on a cracker!* I knew this was gonna one of those Treacherous White People shows but DANG. OK? What a fun ride and I’ve only just finished devouring the first two episodes of season one.


Don’t touch me! I’m so pretty

Why so late to the bandwagon?

I kinda did it on purpose, cuz I wanted Netflix to have both seasons 1 and 2 before I jumped in and became all addicted and whatsnot. I don’t do TV so that’s my main source of show watching at the moment. It was bad enough going to have to wait for my DVDs to arrive in my mailbox, much less having to sit around waiting for months on end for Netflix to post up seasons – they infamously lag in that department.

Yeah I know season 3 is kicking off right now on HBO so nooooo spoilers please. I’ve managed to keep myself pretty insulated from plotlines with only a few cultural references thrown around here and there at my usual online haunts. I’ll try not to get spoilerish myself for anyone else out there taking their time watching this too.

I also knew 1) wasn’t ever gonna read the books. Because unless its Malafrena, Avalon or House of Spirits, reading generational intrigue drama is not my genre. I’d rather watch that ish throw down. I save my dark chocolate readin peepers for Sci-Fi, forensic thrillers, archaeology science assassin mysteries, Black female writers and my Stephen King habit. What? I did all my intellectual academic reading when I was 14 going on 35 as my mother used to say as she stared at me shaking her head in wonder.

2) The show would be tropey as all get out – and it is – but I would manage to be ok with only my light suit of TV Watching Armor on. (See top menu bar and click on Why I Love Scandal for more on that suit of armor thing). There are some media that I can guess ahead of time are going to have the things that I love to watch outweighing the ouchy crap. Sometimes iCan’t. or iWon’t. But this time iDid.

Aaand 3) Bottom line I would be thoroughly entertained totally to the max, like, fer SHER – because Momma likes that old skool medieval-ish stuff with big ass horses, sweeping landscapes, castles and COSTUMES – honey HUSH. Fashionista in the heezy!

But dint nobody tell me my Huuusband Jason Momoa was gonna be all up in this rig running around all topless!! I guess I did a really stellar job of insulating myself away from spoilers OMG. What a damn TREAT.


Check out my sideboob. Yeahhh

Anyhoo. iDied.

Please send flowers


*iStole that expletive from one of my favorite podcasters Elon James White.
He yells that out alla damb time.

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2 Responses to Game Of Thrones Kilt Me

  1. jaslegend13 says:

    (DONT WORRY, NO SPOILERS!!!) I watch the show and I LOVE it. My friend told me if you really like the show you should read the book. Now, I don’t read but I gave it a try and became even more hooked. If you just watch the tv show, you are only understanding a small picture of George R.R. Martins Masterpiece. Read the books if you want to see the big picture :)

    • Awake BW says:

      Hey jas!
      I could already tell from the DVD extras – I just started in on season 2 now – that these books must be EPIC. I have to go to the wiki to recap each time I get my next DVDs. There is so much to remember! Who’s who, who killed who and who’s zooming who ROFL. I might consider reading the books sometime maybe. I’ll add em to my Bucket List. But for now, I think the TV version is enough for me ;)

      Oh and thanks for no spoilers – you ROCK!!

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