You Target Kids: We Send a Kid To Target YOU

Aamira Fetuga BAWSE

“Using children as props is shameful,” Grumbled state Sen. Stacey Campfield (R) as 8 year old Aamira Fetuga, who earlier presented him with a petition signed by people opposing his welfare bill followed him around the Capitol.


How about using the grades of children already living under extreme circumstances as gauges for whether their family gets to eat or not. How’s that for SHAMEFUL.

“Campfield says he withdrew his bill because he didn’t have a full understanding of how the law would affect groups.”


So this is just a peek into how bills are generated. All willy-nilly like when a 15 minute conversation with any sensible thinking human being would have told him just exactly how his legislation “would affect groups.”

And the language he uses right there is pretty telling all on its own. These are living, breathing, hard working families and their children you are talking about. Not some ephemeral whatsits, not actually struggling human beings, not real live actual families. No, but. Groups. A faceless monolithic block for you to apply your hurtful policies to.


When you draw children into the war, don’t be mad when they show up ready to fight.

A For Aamira



Did you think this post was going to be about a different 8 year old?
Because NO you don’t want to read my take on the Boston Marathon Bombing. No, you really don’t. I’m gathering information and I will write about it: right after the suspect/suspects are in custody. It could be awhile.
In the meantime, my prayers go out to the victims and their families.

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