Fringe and Three Olivias

So iDied.

Cool Fringe Ish

That awesome TV show Fringe suddenly pops up on Netflix as now being available to stream live instantly immediately and RIGHT NOW.

After I came to, wiped the slobber from my lips and the disbelief from my eyes I slammed that puppy into my Instant Watch queue and GOT TO WATCHING. I mean OBSERVING. I mean ok…

Observe THIS

Ok you just Don’t. Understand.

I went totes batshit cray when Fringe first came on. I was a television watcher back then (2008) but have since cut the cord. Halfway in between and within the midst of Fringe and so many other shows I had to sacrifice no less. The trade off was and continues to be worth it tho. Ask me sometime and I’ll tell you exactly WHY.

I loved the absolute HECK out that show. I so wanted to be able to continue watching it after I chopped out TV, so I hauled it up on Netflix. Sure I could watch it, but that would entail having well over 30+ discs sent to my home at the 2-disc tier I’m at – Heck No. Judging from the commentary in the reviews, I was far from being the only Netflix customer who felt that way.

Phillip Broyles

So I waited. I figured that at some point before I died or before Netflix policied themselves into oblivion, Fringe would eventually become available on Instant Watch. Slow forward 4 years later and wow yeah – I’m in HEAVEN.

Mind you, the 5th season isn’t up yet, but that is not surprising, as it just ended a mere few months ago. In Netflix Time that season will be up and available to watch anywhere from 5 months from now to a year, if at all. They do get so neglectful on that sort of thing.

But. In. The. Meantime.

Agent Astrid Farnsworth

I’m rewatching it ALL from the beginning and SO looking forward to the stuff I never got to see, and just… WELL … words cannot express.


Most of the time I have to suffer through what isn’t there in order to get to see something awesome within the genre that I just ADORE. Fringe was one of those shows. I did love seeing a woman be the lead, but after Dana Scully – a kick ass Female FBI Agent with a complicated life isn’t exactly revolutionary television. But it was still cool nonetheless.

Even cooler x2 – ifyouknowwhatImean – Won’t spoil ish for anyone but yeah things got double delish and I delighted and reveled in it.

Les Deux Olivias

And I think of even yet another Olivia – one who is even more so kickin ass and takin names – and I’m thankful for her presence in so many ways and yeah I remember watching Fringe and imagining what if Olivia Dunham was a Black girl.

You watching Fringe? Did you already watch it ALL? Do you like Fringe? Hated it? Gotta Favorite Character? I do.

Did I remember to take my LSD today?

Did I remember to take my LSD today?


The occasional and repetitive and oftentimes use of redundancy repeatedly a lot again in this post is on perrrperrse errmergherrdd

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4 Responses to Fringe and Three Olivias

  1. darendark says:

    Gah! Glad you’re enjoying it. It’s a fantastic show. My fav. character would have to be Olivia in season 3 (The twist, you’ll see) How far are you? Or have you finished all four seasons?

    • Awake BW says:

      I’m at the beginning of season two now. What memories I have from when I watched it last and how far along I got – are kinda hazy. Maybe somewhere in season 3? I can’t remember. I do remember Anna Torv’s stellar performances embodying “Fauxlivia”: WOW!

      Re-watching, I keep thinking I might change my mind on who my fave character (Walter Bishop) would be – nope! He’s still my NumbahWun so far :) Are you doing a re-watch too? I tell you, I’m wallowing in HeavenlyBlissss

      • darendark says:

        You have such an amazing ride ahead of you, I wish I could re-experience it for myself :D

        Yeah! I am getting someone into the show and watching some episodes along side of her. Anna Torv just kicks so much ass from an acting standpoint, especially when season 3 rolls around. They’re all pretty great! The relationship between Walter and Peter is just perfect.

  2. Awake BW says:

    My background is dance and choreography. I always hone in on body language when I watch television and film. The best actors carry themselves a certain way, walk in a particular way etc., all very different depending on what role(s) they are playing. Once I know someone’s “movement profile” as I call it, I can pick them out in a crowd every time.

    Anna’s movement profile was distinctively different between the Olivias. It was wonderful to watch, and I look forward to seeing it all over again.

    Another re-up of random note: re-reading Ender’s Game for the ninety billionth time.

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