Throw Some MJ On It

iCan’t with everything today.

Mostly because:

This Happened.

The sheer hypocrisy and absolutely no compassion what so ever shown by the Columbus Catholic Diocese. A veteran teacher in one of their local schools – she had been teaching there for 19 years – lost her mother, and was inadvertently outed in the obituary posted in the paper. So recently bereft of her mother, still grieving, she gets called into the school and fired under some archaic catholic morality rule or statute or whatever it was.

But most disheartening thing about this whole disgusting incident is that the Diocese acted on the behest of an anonymous parent who read the obituary and went and tattled and complained to the school officials. Anonymously. ONE parent. Karma will take care of that person and their evil act. Karma will also take care of the school officials and the local Diocese. Either subject ALL YOUR TEACHERS to the same morality scrutiny or NONE. You can’t pick and choose and really Catholic Church? You want to start up a conversation on morality? Yeah. I thought not.

But in the meantime, God helps those who help themselves so I’ve heard – and helps others too, I’d imagine. So SIGN THIS PETITION and/or also THIS PETITION and see if we can’t help Carla Hale get her job back. And an apology. And in my wishful thinking universe the outing of said parent who started this whole awful mess.


And also because This Happened.

Florida Rep. Charles Van Zant (R-Keystone Heights) wants us all to believe that his abortion bill is aaaaaall about saving the lil Black chirruns and stopping the genocide of African-Americans.

In his closing statements on Thursday, Van Zant accused Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers of intentionally targeting black people. “The fact is, 80 percent of abortion clinics nationwide are located in minority neighborhoods where 43 percent of all black babies are aborted,” Van Zant said.

Actually No. Try 9 percent. THAT is the actual fact. Just saying something is a fact and then blathering a bunch of nonsense doesn’t make it so.

Stop using our Black bodies as political fodder. You could give a flying heck about Black people in America, and this tactic is abhorrent and despicable and the fact that you LIED about the statistics used to shore up this bill speaks volumes.

And for the record. If you are so hell-bent on reducing (Black people having) abortions, how about signing in some legislation that gives access to reproductive health services (you know, preventative care) to those very same Black populations you are so worried about. PREVENTING conception should be at the top of your list then shouldn’t it? If you are so worried about the genocide of Black people in this country how about signing in some legislation that would halt the death toll of Black people in Chicago and Philadelphia. Yeah. I thought not.


And lastly This Happened:

Eager Reporter: OMG! So how on earth did you cope with having to stay forcibly inside your home during the manhunt?

Boston Resident: OMG! It was like so scary! I heard gunshots and explosions like from over there far away somewhere. It was touch and go for awhile there.

Yeah. No. Here’s me interviewing.

Cynical Black Blogger: You look pretty relieved now that you are allowed out of your house now.

Boston Resident: OMG! You have no idea what it was like!

Cynical Black Blogger: Yeah ok so you were forced by law to miss a day of work and stay home.

Boston Resident: Yeah well but-

Cynical Black Blogger: Your electricity was still on? Your landline and cell phones all working? Television access ok? Had plenty of food and water? Family gathered around you? Job still waiting for you when you go back to work?

Boston Resident: Yes of course. But you know the gunshots I heard! and-

Cynical Black Blogger: Uh HUH.


My face and palm are aching from the many times I had to apply one to the other this past week.


The best medicine for when the iCan’ts surface is to Throw Some MJ On It. Makes everything aaaaaaaall bettah.

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