As the sun rises on a new day I wonder what will happen. Will my spirits rise with our heated spinning star or plummet to Earth and find solace hidden on the shadow-side of a tree? Will I see the goodness in people? My heart has grown a thick skin around it, weary of the daily bruising it receives.

Voices echo my thoughts and I think that deep down inside I too have lost my faith in human beings. So many don’t even bother to think for themselves, to take the time out of their lives just to sit. Sit and watch a sunrise and wonder at their place in the universe and how they can do the Best things, the Good things and sometimes the Right things.

Must everyone find their calling? It may not even be as simple as that, nor as deep. Everyone must be a sounding board, must be a mirror, the calm rush of a mountain stream. In these things you will find your Humanity. And with that, you will discover the humanity in others. Your lips will not curl in hate, and your mind will resonate with whole sounding thoughts and you will Share.

Each person is a part of all the other people. If I give up on everyone, I give up on myself, and I refuse to do that. So I work on myself, and I polish and scour and revise and Learn and add to myself so that I truly become as I was Named: God Is Gracious. I am Her image, Her Gift, and therefore I Am Gracious. My Path is Compassion and my happiness cannot exist without the happiness of others.

I made a promise and even if I don’t place my feet on right road, the byways, the places, the one’s not taken, are all part of my journey.

I remember when I Woke Up. It was as if a golden light had turned on behind my eyes. Everything I saw and heard was filtered through that clarifying light. I began to understand and I began to see what was Illusion and what was Truth and as I chanted with the sunrise my life fell open like the petals of a Lotus Blossom and my name echoed in the hallways of Time.

Blessed are the Awake for they shall see everything and they shall lead the way and as we follow our lives unfold like nebulae and we can read the book written in the stars. There is a place for us and a time for everything and maybe those things are not now, presently.

As the golden light of Earth’s star wakes up the world around me and I hear the song of the birds and maybe my soul takes flight. Just maybe on this new day the Eternal Scales will tip in humanity’s favor just a little more. But we balance on the feather’s edge of oblivion and each thing that we do, each time, each Day – Matters.

Remember that, fellow Traveler. Remember that when you meet another pilgrim on the Way. Be to others as you wish the world would be. If we can Dream it, we can Be it. Everything is absolutely Possible and as we bathe in the quantum foam our lives intersect for a reason.

Make that reason be because of Beauty. Because Love. Because I want to rise with the sun and know that this is the First Day and not our Last.

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3 Responses to Sunrise

  1. M N Rajkumar says:

    For the last few days, I have been mostly immersed in the blog of Awake Black Woman. This was another serendipity. I was researching or rather peeping into the lives of cloistered people and suddenly stumbled upon these posts. The writer confesses that she has some psychological things to deal with, but the posts appeared to be the sanest one could ever dream of. Her world is real and infinitely colourful. She seems to enjoy her nun life in the mobile monastery of a sedan (am I right?) and balances herself between aloneness and a strange world. She has something original to say in every issue, be it politics, black cause or marriage. For example, instead of swallowing the easy pill of ‘forgive all’ dictum, she chooses to fathom the unforgivableness in a dangerous relationship and finds a peaceful ground to move on, without being unfair to the perpetrator. Here is a brilliant woman, a very unusual blend of an activist, ballerina and Buddhist . Going through these posts was a great experience and at times one had that aesthetic peak, the stuff you get while encountering robust thought and craft. I sincerely wish her prose find place in a great anthology of Occidental writing.

    • Awake BW says:

      One of the most beautiful and amazing things anyone has ever said about me and/or my writing. Which is one and the same if you stop to think about it. Which apparently you did! Bloggers dream about having readers like you and my Intersect Tesseracts, and with that audience to my thoughts and dreams, I have been very fortunate.

      Somehow, somewhen you found this blog at the perfect time for you, and I’ll tell you this: Your words of praise, encouragement and respect came at the perfect time for me. I was experiencing the aftermath of an emotional battle, and I’d been crying – something, I hate to do – and I turned to my blog to distract my mind – I try to do daily maintenance or at least check in when I can: And there you were with these amazing words :)

      While I’m just fine for housing these days, I WAS homeless and one point and I’ve also had to live out of my car before. In a country where it’s nearly taboo to speak of it’s failings, when many (usually white) Americans hear of my struggle with getting and sustaining work, they wonder at how a college educated, seemly bright and intelligent person could end up homeless, hungry and jobless.

      I am cloistered in my home, riding the heat of the desert like a hovering space craft by day and Awake at night when I should be sleeping and reading your voice and weeping, this time with Happiness and Joy.

  2. M N Rajkumar says:

    Thanks greatly for that poignant and amazing reply. Hope you are better now. The simple truth is that I still keep reading your blog. Sometimes I read, not for those ideas you discuss nor the issues that trouble, but just for the beauty of the language. Thank you very much.

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