Fashion Choice Not Criminal Behavior


On today’s TWiB podcast (#414/#BlackPrivilege) Elon James White shared with us a story. It came out of his reaction to that whole Black Privilege tumblr nonsense and well it got me to thinking about what he brought up too.

You can listen to the whole thing on the podcast, (story starts in around the 0:50:00 mark) but I’ll nutshell it for you. He and his wife were looking to hop into a bodega and snag a refreshing drink after a hot and tired and fun outing – they are Brooklynites, but I believe this was during a visit to Philly – not that it matters, as I’m sure there are the same sorts of things going on in many specific neighborhoods throughout this country.

There was a sign at the entrance of of the second store they tried – the first one being all bullet proof glassed up and well Elon ain’t about that life. You want to treat all your customers like they are animals, then fine – he’s just not going to be frequenting your establishment – this sign at the second store was all:


Yes because an article of clothing that obscures your face, hides who you are and obfuscates facial recognition software and renders you immune to being identified by any cameras or people is EXACTLY THE SAME as a cute top with an attached hood at the back.

Yes, yes I know ski masks have gotten a bad rap, poor things. But really. Unless you are


catching some air on the slopes at Aspen or trudging miserably through a blizzard in Minnesota or Canada or wherever


Y’aint gonna be needing to wear a ski mask unless you are well


You know. Up To No Good. So asking customers to not wear a face covering article of clothing like a ski mask whilst inside your retail establishment makes sense.

HOWEVER. Those cute hooded jackets, sweat tops, fleece jackets etc are a fashion choice. They are not criminal behavior. And they are certainly not a dress code for bad people doing bad things. Those Columbine terrorists almost ruined the trench coat for everyone, but Thank Bogart cooler heads prevailed. Why not so with the hoodie?

Scary Article of Clothing

Scary Article of Clothing

Well maybe its not simply just the hoodie itself. It depends on who is wearing it. Maybe. The color of the person? The color of the hoodie? Hoodie with the hood up? (face is still on display, mind you) or hoodie with the hood down? Skittles and some iced tea? What?

Criminal! Lock Hurr Up!!

Criminal! Lock Hurr Up!!

But telling me that the second I step foot into your store wearing my cute lil hoodie that I automatically become a criminal trespasser and I’m up for some jail time? iWishamuthafvkkaWOULD.

This is the America we are living in. Where an article of clothing becomes raced and criminalized. Please see my 10 page essay on saggy pants and baseball caps turned (GASP!) backwards. But

NOT a Criminal! Don't Be Alarmed. Nothing To See Here. Carry On.

NOT a Criminal! Don’t Be Alarmed. Nothing To See Here. Carry On.

And Black privilege.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand…… I’m out!


OH. I was so upset I forgot to add: And In Other News

The Petting Zoo is STILL Open for Business.



It’s Ok Schweetheart, Bogie Loves Ya.

iLove u too, Bogie, I do.


White privilege is being able to spend your first year anniversary with your wife on a fun and romantic weekend out of town and not be subjected to demoralizing, disheartening, dehumanizing and stupid racist ish.

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