There Is a Reason Why


There is a reason why we (the women, the females) were Chosen to be the human beings that bear the Children and all the responsibility and decision making that goes along with that remarkable capability.

I may meander and ramble in this post today, but I hope I still might get my point across. Also because I’m tired and disheveled and disgruntled and have been for the past hour or so and the sun haint even risen yet.

But mostly because THIS sort of thing is HAPPENING AGAIN and it makes me want to scream and cry and HOWL because enough is enough: iCan’t take it anymore.

So I write


First. Let’s stop for a moment and consider something. Think about this, really think on it. Females create a human being inside themselves. For nine months give or take, their bodies become some sort of a sci-fi manufacturing plant that is focused on building another human life, with all the intricate moving parts therein. Absolutely Awesome. That is HUGE! It is utterly profound.

You can bet that God or Universe (its Tuesday, I forget what name She goes by on Tuesdays) did not willy-nilly randomly choose between Her creations who was going to be the one to echo Her power and be the one to Create Life. And if She did, you can also bet that she didn’t then forget to equip the Chosen Gender with absolutely EVERYTHING she would need in order to be successful at her assigned capability.

Pretty In Pink

Things like the complex brain structure with augmented communication between hemispheres. A lovely layer of subcutaneous fat for protection and nourishment, those “child-bearing hips”. You wonder why those forensic anthropologists can tell the difference between a male and female with just one glance at the bones of the pelvic girdle. I’ve held those bones in my hands and seen for myself the distinct differences, the enhancements and shapes that allow for females to hold a growing human being inside them and subsequently bring them into the world. A beautiful design.


We, the women, the females, the ones who have been given the responsibility for growing and nurturing life within us are fully capable from any aspect and dare I say it, Divinely Blessed with the Gifts and Attributes for dealing with and handling:

Family Planning

Pregnancy and Birth

Child Bearing and Child Rearing

And yet.

I see the male entities of this world continuously attempting to step in, to trespass, to seek power over, to legislate, to usurp that which has Not Been Given Unto You.

It almost makes me yearn for the days when humans had no idea of the correlation between love makin and baby makin. We were Goddesses then, creating human beings out of stardust and sunlight and none dared trespass in our domain.


But I’ll take the advancements of society and science because those things also add to our toolkit and help us with our responsibilities, choices and decisions to be made. At least that is how it should be.

We are not animals to be husbanded. We are not walking wombs to be used or abused anyhow and anywhen at your whim. Ancestry through maternal lineage is certain, male lineages less so, but even with modern (ooh science!) DNA techniques the certainty can be equalized – you betray your nervousness, your insecurity with your power plays to ensure paternity of your offspring. Indeed, one might posit the institution of marriage and the subjugation of the female within that context came about for just those reasons. When devoid of genetic advances, matrilineality made the most sense.

old skool

And yet. Still.

In this country – these United States of America – where there are 4.8 million MORE females than males, why is so much if not nearly all the power in the hands of the male minority?

The power to decide what is best for me and mine. The power to legislate what I can and cannot do with my very own body. The power to assign the majority into second class citizen status. The power to take away my rights. The power to keep millions of women and children struggling in an endless cycle of poverty and ignorance. The power to take away the tools that I have been given, to eradicate the dismally few protections I have under the law to live my life with dignity, respect and to be able to provide for and protect myself and my family.


The United States is ranked 34th out of 35 countries in the child poverty rankings. No, not the awesome we are nearly number one, but the horror of all horrors: we are only one country away from being at the bottom of the barrel. Only Romania has worse statistics than we do. This finding will probably garner a post all on its own, but I bring this up here and now to make a point.

How in the heck do you think this “Global Superpower”, this country that styles its presidents as ” The Leader of the Free World”, this arrogant, swaggering “We Are Number One”, this country with it’s “American Dream” has such a dismal and despicable showing when it comes to the care, support and nurturing of it’s children? How in the heck could this happen??

What did you think would happen when you strip away the support, education and services from millions of families nationwide? What did you think would happen when you base policies and legislation on the erroneous “fact” that everyone must support and nurture the 1% because they will single-handedly be able to take care of our nation’s ills. Husbandry. Yeah, how’s that working out for us now? It simply is not.


Women of the United States.

We are the Power. We have the numbers. We need to kick off the traces, smash the yokes around our necks, and take back the responsibilities and the rights over That Which Was Given Unto Us.

Are you registered to vote? If you are female and of age, and you are not registered to vote: Handle Your Business. Get REGISTERED.

Beautiful Family

Are the people who are representing you looking after your interests? I mean really really doing what is best for you and your family?

Do not be fooled into thinking that because you belong to one party or the other you are somehow enslaved to vote only along those party lines. If your representative is not coming correct on an issue or is pushing forward legislation that is harmful to you and yours: You Have The Power To Put A Stop To What They Are Doing.

It may take some time, it may take some patience, it may take some personal advocacy and effort on your part to keep track of all the shenaniganery that is going on: But You Can Do It.


Don’t we all wish we had the option to not show up for the job to which we have been assigned? These are the people we voted into office. We can just as easily vote them on out. Take notes. Take heed. Take action at the polls.

Become and expert in your field.

And by field I mean know and understand for yourself how your body works. Know and understand for yourself the benefits of preventative health care. Know and understand for yourself the truth behind such hot button topics like contraceptives, abortion, health care providers for low income individuals and families, job creation realities, rape culture, womanism/feminism, VAWA, The Affordable Care Act and Welfare and Disability.

Baby Mom Smile

Become a researcher. Finding unbiased information is difficult in this day and age, but certainly not impossible. If you are not already, become open to the understanding of basic science and technology. Those male figures of authority and power are not the be all, end all. And on the flip side a female figure in that same position of authority and power is not the be all, end all either. There is a public track record of every single person who holds public office. You can find out who is actually who, and what is actually what.

Become aware of code words, buzzwords and scare tactics. For example: “Abortion Pill”. Oh my heavens that is a scary notion isn’t it? And to think that this pill is being dispensed at vending machines on college campuses? That is just too much. The scientific fact of the matter is, like those condom dispensing machines in bathrooms all over the place, this is not a big deal. Plan B (that scary pill) and others like it, are simply medication that prevent ovulation. If you are already pregnant when you take that pill, nothing will happen because well, you’ve already ovulated, your egg met up with a sperm and you have conceived. Basic science.

Make the choices that will affect your life be based on reality, knowledge and education. Do not succumb to fear-baiting, shaming tactics and hate-mongering. Do not give your power away. Do not rely on only one source of information. If you got a life-threatening serious diagnosis, you’d go get a second opinion or even a third from a different source would you not? People are putting your life, and the lives of the people you are responsible for and care about in danger. Find out why. Maybe there is a good reason for their high-risk tactics. Maybe there isn’t. Shouldn’t you know either way? FIND THINGS OUT FOR YOURSELF.

Think For Yourself.

We are still Goddesses. We were made first, and in Her image. From us all life began and all life flows. You can believe you are little more than a side order of ribs if you want to, but I’m not going out like that.

Giver Of Life


I want to be the change I want to see in the world. Do you? Will you join the fight for our bodies, ourselves, our families? Where is the line in the sand? I cannot rest easy while these injustices are kept in motion. I cannot even breathe.

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2 Responses to There Is a Reason Why

  1. Cathy Trowbridge says:

    Have you ever watched the movie MAAFA21? Available at Yes we need to wake up, before it is too late. Thanks for the blog and the wake up call to many…I pray there are people out there to listen!

    • Awake BW says:

      LOL I googled that film and well let’s just say I’ve got certain criteria that must be followed by self proclaimed people Who Are Concerned About Black Genocide before I believe a word they say or waste my time watching their films.

      I’d want to see them working tooth and nail towards making reproductive and preventative health care be widely available to Black people. I’d want to see them helping get to legislation, programs and policies passed and implemented that bring a halt to the sky high number of shooting deaths of Black people in this country.
      I’d like to see them pushing for equal access to quality education and an end to job/application discrimination so that qualified Black people can compete on a level playing field and be able to provide for, and take care of their families.

      Yup, Mark Crutcher, I’m talkin to YOU. Go ahead, keep on putting your time, effort and money towards hateful, racist, misogynistic propaganda movies instead of actually doing something tangible towards the cause you supposedly advocate. Stop using Black Bodies as fodder for your political agendas. I see right through you.
      eeeek Cathy! I went on a lil tear there didn’t I? I’m so glad you stopped by my blog, and I Thank You for your support and encouragement. It means a lot, especially today when I’m just not feelin it.

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