A Tail of Two Kitties


A Tail of Two Kitties

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

There was tunafishomgtunafish to be had, plenty of foolishness to get into and mischief making in the works. A belief in ones self, licking paws arrogantly while staring at teh birdies hopping outside the window.

We watch the seasons pass, Light and Darkness, wind and rain and we reign supreme in this epoch of Puss in Boots we wanna watch Puss in Boots again!

How could we despair or ever lose hope when snacks abound and tin foil crumples so perfectly into shiny spheres of endless hours of play?

Some love us for everything we are – the Pantheric Beauty we possess and yet… we iz basement catz wif much flavr so we could drag you to Hell or fly you heavenward lost in the purr purr purr as you stroke our furr furr furr. Meow, baby.


Like the roses you got on your birfday – which we ate and sprinkled the leaves all over the coffee table – we are so pretty and yet: Claws In The Paws! We take our due, your tithe, our Pound Of Flesh.

Stealthily we lurk, flashing signals between us, golden eyes glinting and we plot and plan the best way to attack your ankles. Like the gazelle on the plains Little Lions we, the takedown is delish.


How best to wake her? Cold nose to the depths of a slumbering ear or 20 needles applied to the lacquered toe peeping out from the covers? The situation is dire, the food dish level is at DEFCON TWO!

Those kitchen curtains are not fluttery enough. Best to redecorate and tear extra strips. Perfection. The Team of Two works together like a well oiled machine and indeed our mischiefs are sublime.


At the end of the day all is forgiven because just Look At Our Faces! What’s not to love? We pile on the bed and become pillow and comforter and blanket and hot water bottle and smoosh and cuddle and there is giggles and purring and we paws… until the sequel.


I can’t take credit for the picture used for this post. My hand tremors render my previously awesome camera skills null and void.
Got tripod? Newp.
Those aren’t my Stealth Ninja Twins either. We are still in contract negotiations and they had a tiff with their representation. WELP.
Click the pic to see and know ALL.

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1 Response to A Tail of Two Kitties

  1. M N Rajkumar says:

    Gran post, intimo en las ideas que comparte; el escritor en medio de la genial compania de dos gatos. Gracias.

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