QOTW: Why So Different?

[UPDATED]: to add a link to the interview with Kiera’s lawyer and Business Insider at the bottom of the post.

Question Of The Week: Why So Different?

An assistant state attorney has a case come across her desk. She has to decide how or even if to prosecute.

On March 13th, Taylor who is thirteen years old, shot his 10 year old brother Skyler with a BB gun. Skyler was rushed to the hospital but died a week later.

The assistant state attorney took over a month to examine the case, which went from possible misdemeanor charges to possible felony charges when the boy died.

She determined that Taylor would not face any criminal charges.

She stated that she took his age into consideration. He, being 13, is still legally a child. She also stated that she looked very carefully at intent. It was unintentional, and neither child was aware there were any BBs still inside the guns.

“After a thorough review of the facts, available to our office at this time, it is our opinion that this case can only be seen as a tragic accident.”

Case Closed.

About a month or so later this same assistant state attorney gets notified of a 16 year old girl who was experimenting with household products on school grounds.

The results were the top popped off the 8oz plastic bottle she used to mix the products and a lot of smoke. Nobody was harmed or injured or killed. There was no property damage.

The assistant state attorney handles only the legal aspects, what infractions of any school codes and the resultant punishment(s) are up to the school to decide on. (Which they do, the girl is expelled from the school). IMO it should have ended there, I’m still unsure how it this incident ended up in the state attorney’s office.

Within minutes of being notified of the case, this same assistant state attorney makes the decision to press charges. She also decides to charge this 16 year old girl, still legally a child, as an adult.

She then decides to levy two felony charges and the girl is handcuffed and arrested and brought a juvenile detention center. Although the police report indicates clearly that the girl intended no harm, and was forthright and honest with her answers when questioned, there appears to be no consideration of intent from the assistant state attorney.

Case Still Pending.


So I ask myself, and I ask you too, why so different?

I know these two cases seem like apples and oranges, but there are a lot of similarities. They both are juveniles, underage kids, not legally adults. They both had no intent to do any harm. They were both school aged kids playing around with/experimenting with potentially dangerous items.

Why no lengthy deliberation on both cases? Why no weighing and balancing of the facts in both cases? Why no consideration for age and intent in both cases?

Why so different?

Tammy Glotfelty is the assistant state attorney responsible for the actions taken – or not taken – in both of these cases.

Please contact her and ask her about her decision to throw the book at Kiera Wilmot, and what can only be her kneejerk reaction instead taking even 24 hours to examine the case. I see no “thorough review of the facts” here.

Ask her why she chose to criminalize a curious student and charge her as an adult.

Ask her to drop the charges.

Tammy Glotfelty works for the Florida State Attorney’s Office in Bartow, which can be reached at:

Address: 255 N Broadway Ave Bartow, FL 33830

Phone: (863) 534-4800

Message: http://www.sao10.com/contact_us.asp

Now we know WHO EXACTLY TO CONTACT. The person who is responsible for waiving Kiera’s legal status as a minor and charging her as an adult with two felonies. Go for it.

Also, sign the change.org petition if you haven’t already.


UPDATE: Business Insider Interviews Kiera’s Lawyer.

I find the final three questions to be very interesting. But I mean really, what is the lawyer going to say about Tammy Glotfelty? He needs to keep her goodwill in order to get things done for Kiera.

I did find it refreshing that he flat out point blank stated that “people” were having those kneejerk responses I’ve previously mentioned, because of Boston. That’s fine and dandy for regular folks like you and me. But when you are an assistant state attorney, you don’t get to react all cray cray when you have the life of another human being in your hands.

Its actually YOUR JOB to not act all cray cray. I guess that was asking too much.


Disclaimer: I actually know Why So Different. You probably do too.
Maybe I’m wrong. But what I do see is the glaring disparity in how each of those cases were handled.
The indecent hastiness to treat and prosecute a 16 year old girl as an adult criminal needs to be addressed. Yes. Indecent haste. She didn’t even take a day. Not even an hour.
I also want to know how a schoolyard incident even made it to the state attorney’s office in the first place. I’m not letting the school off the hook either.

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