Shout-Out To My Peeps


I want to give mad props, kudos and congratulations to the Black Voters of America who ROCKED IT during Election 2012.

For the first time in like FOREVER Black voter turnout surpassed that of white voter turnout. Quick scan of the sich HERE. More details and delish HERE.


There is this trend coming from certain parts that just loves to Blame Obama for everything that’s wrong in this world.

But really. If you are upset about those stats you can join me in blaming 1) The Tea Party, 2) Mitt Romney, and finally and most importantly 3) The GOP strategies to disenfranchise and make voting harder for Black people.

Lemme break it down for ya.


Some of us (not me tho) were caught snoozing in 2010 and the wingnuts and their Tea Party candidates were able to gain a foothold in many areas of public office throughout the nation. I won’t bore you with a rehash of their tactics and their stranglehold over the GOP, but lets just say… when white sheets get to flappin, Black Folks get to votin.


Mittens scared the pajamas off’n us sensible Democrat voters. There was no way in HAYLE we were going to let that fool into the White House. Nozzir! Some of us actually remembered what threw down during the W era, and Mittens smelled like his younger, stupid cousin-clone. Like ewww. Some of you sensible Republican voters felt the same way too and helped us out. THANK YEW.


And most fatally, the overt legislation, policies, and procedures put forth to basically block as many Black people from voting as possible – that was the last straw. If the GOP had just kept quiet about things, this whole thing wouldn’t have happened the way it did.

People were willing to stand in line ALL DAMB DAY to get their vote in. I remember that pregnant lady stopping on her way to Give Birth to cast her vote. Peeps were not about that life. I’m sorry, you want to take away my right to vote? You want to make it damn near impossible for MeeMaw ‘n nems to cast their ballot? You wanna cut out Souls To The Polls day? Excuse me WHAT??? GOP woke up the lion and it was Fired Up and Ready To Go.

Maya Angelou Smile

I also want to give a shout-out to all the other POC voters. I love the huge effort that was put forth to drive a wedge between us, especially between the Hispanic/Latino and Black voting blocks. Sorry no! We weren’t about to fall for those divide and conquer tactics.

Really GOP? This is a brand new ball game and you need to get with the times. Those old school moves might be cute for that dwindling contingent you like to call your core voters, but to the rest of us – the voting majority – it was tired and transparent and we couldn’t even give you style points.


And speaking of style, I think its time for the Female Voters of America to join in on this and to moving and shaking up the status quo. I’ve said before in previous posts – we already have the numbers. There are 4.8 million MORE females than males in America. We are the MAJORITY population.

Awesome Black Lady Smilin

Take a look at the demographics of the people in the Places of Power in this country. It is very male. And also very white, but that discussion is for another day. There is a severe imbalance here, and we have the power to correct that imbalance.

I say we start from the grassroots on up. We have to the numbers to make those changes, if our demands are not met. We have the numbers to back legislation that helps instead of hurts us, our children and our families when it comes to the basics, like health care, employment and equality in the eyes of the law.

There are things that are important to women across the board, and across the aisle. There is nothing we can’t do if we can come together and right the wrongs of our society. Goodness knows the guys have been in charge of things for long enough and look at what a shambles the place is in! You had your chance, you effed things up for EVERYONE, now its time to STEP ASIDE and let the ladies get to work.


We’ll vote you out. We will be installing our daughters, nieces, granddaughters, moms, and aunties and even our grandmothers on the tracks toward positions of power and influence in all the areas of life where we want to see change. We are tired of being stepped on, ignored and your aggressive pogroms designed to keep us ignorant, poor and powerless will be met with calm deliberation and the strategic use of the ballot.


I was wondering why I was being wooed by the GOP. Why there were all these (very pitiful tho) efforts to reach out to my people popping up in recent times. They apparently got the memo before I did and have came into the knowledge that census data and exit polling show that whites and blacks will remain the two largest racial groups of eligible voters for the next decade.

I’d love to write a similar blog post after the 2014 elections that also includes not only how Black voters kicked butt again, but also how the female voters kicked butt and helped turn the tables and change the landscape of the political arena.

We can shape our future. We can be a deadly effective force for change. 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020 and beyond. Black voters of America, Women voters of America – let us BE the change we want to see in the world. This isn’t just the hopeful ramblings of a Dreamer.

This is REAL and it is entirely POSSIBLE.

Think about it. People who were bought and sold and written into the very founding documents of this nation as being property and less than human – the descendants of those same people – ROCKED IT – and those seeking office will ignore their power at their own peril.

Make sure every POC of voting age you know is registered to vote. Make sure every female of voting age you know is registered to vote. When the time rolls around to exercise your right and flex The Power of the People: You will know what to do.


I refuse to live in fear. I refuse to let The Bad Things rule my world. I find Hope in even the small things. I Celebrate and Support the big things.
I Dream, yes. But I am also AWAKE and I see things clearly. I see the paths our nation might take. I see diverging futures. I work towards the pathway that leads us into our true greatness.
That path that lives up to the ideals that this nation was founded upon. I will not let the few who are still sleep walking, still blind stop us from realizing our potential.
I will see ourselves lifted up. I will see the Balance and the Harmony. I will see that which was once stuff of dreams become an amazing Reality. I will sing, I will chant, I will dance and I will see it Done.
I will be the First Lady of my own Life. What will you do?


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