Snatching Off White Gloves is a THING Now

Yeah, I’m calling it.

Used to be waaaay back before last Thursday night it was “girl, hold my earrings, its about throw down right now” or the awesome Gina moves when she goes to battle for Martin, switching out her work pumps for sneakers and getting out that tub of Vaseline.


Now its all about snatching off those white gloves and “WHAT!?”

OP White Glove Snatching

I’m with Luvvie when she says in her AWESOME Episode 22o Scandal Recap:

Prez Ghost just be summoning Olivia whenever he wants. Rude as hell. Liv storms into the Oval Office, with Jake in tow (but left outside the door). She snatches off her gloves and says “WHAT?!” Remind me to do that one day if someone calls me. I’ma get gloves ready just to take them off angrily and yell.


You’ll see. It will become a THING.

“Girl, I nearly snatched off my white gloves all up in that place!”

You heard it here first ;p


WWOPD? (What Would Olivia Pope Do?)
Wear a Black Speedo Silicone Bubble Cap and “Jets – by Jessica Allen” Swimsuit White Label Cut Out Bandeau One Piece whilst getting her exercise ON.

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2 Responses to Snatching Off White Gloves is a THING Now

  1. Yvie Sismee says:

    Thank you for stopping by. Funny post!

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