The First 3D-Printed Gun Has Been Fired: Woo Scawy!


The HuffPo got all headliney with the news this morning. But really affluent white American males – what took you so long? Ya slackin!

HuffPo also tells us why we Should Fear The 3D-Printed Gun.

I’m sorry no. I really can’t muster up any fear for that. Let’s say I was someone who wanted to have a firearm for my own private use – whatever that use might be – deer hunting, people shooting, whatever.

It is soooooo much easier for me to hobble-walk the six or seven blocks from my home to the local gun shop and purchase a firearm.

For soooo much less hassle than it would be for me to go buy a 3D printer, figure out how to use it, pay for all the stuff that I’ll need for printing stuff up, acquire the gun parts blueprints or whatever they are, print up a gun, figure out how to put it together, hope and pray I got it right, because I’d hate to have it not work whilst I’m starting in on my shooting spree. I mean hunting trip.

I live in Arizona, son!

Prolly take 15 mins or so for me to pick out and purchase a gun. Then I get to swagger-hobble-walk my way back home with it strapped to my hip no prob. Visible carry is the law of the land out here. Ask Doc Holiday n Nems.

I’m more worried about THAT.

Just last week as I was driving to the pharmacy to pick up my medication, there was a young white dude just merrily walking down the street with his personal (non printed) firearm holstered at his hip. I’m primarily Californian. The only people walkin around with holstered weapons there are law enforcement. So I notice when joe blow everydude is packing heat out here. It’s still weird to me to see that no matter how long I’ve lived in AZ – I notice.

People don’t get into fistfights out here, they get into shootfights. I’m guessing places like Texas and Florida have a similar set up when it comes to gun “laws”.

In general, I’m not one to live in fear. But I have do have concern for How Thing Are out here when it comes to firearms, and I keep a weather eye open as I’m out and about doing my everyday stuff, but please don’t try to get me to panic about the non-threat of 3D-printed guns.

Least of my worries.

In other news: 13-year old kid shoots 6-year old sister in the chest. I don’t suppose this teen was clapped in handcuffs, dragged from his home and charged as an adult with a felony or two however accidental his actions appeared to be or that he had no intention of harming his sister?


Ok. I was just asking. After all that was Florida. Anything can happen Down There.

Panic about child-sized rifles, the people who make and sell them, and the people who buy them and give them as gifts to their children and are surprised When This Happens, if you want to panic about something of a more clear and present danger.

Notice nobody was charged – not even the parents – in that case either.


NOT OK: Expanding background checks for gun purchases, to prove one can be trusted with a deadly weapon.
OK: Making welfare applicants pee in a cup, to prove one can be trusted to buy groceries.

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3 Responses to The First 3D-Printed Gun Has Been Fired: Woo Scawy!

  1. I think it’s a stupid idea that we are making stuff like 3D guns. They may or may not work, or become a real problem, but I don’t see it now.


    • Awake BW says:

      Yeah especially when they (casually) mentioned in the video that the gun is destroyed after one use. It just melts or breaks or whatever. So no, not seeing printed guns as a real problem anytime soon. (if ever).

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