People Are Nice


Yesterday was an interesting adventure. It came about either from yet another symptom of my damaged brain, or somewhere over the weekend I got robbed. I’m gonna go with the brain thing. You’ll see why. And I feel lucky my adventure happened when there were nice people around. It could have been an awful thing, but it wasn’t. Because of them.

I was at my local convenience store, picking up some items of convenience. When I get to the register, get rung up – I find out my debit card is not in my wallet. Since I live a debt-free life and do not have credit cards, my only other option was to see if I had any cash. Which I don’t normally carry. Turns out I did happen to have some cash, but would have to put back a couple of my purchases even so. No biggie, and there was a bit of a line behind me, and I didn’t want to be that person and hold everybody up.

Well the lady behind me, saw I was distressed all rummaging through my wallet and whatsnot, and I said no worries, its just that I can’t find my debit card, but I’m ok. She was having none of it. She wanted me to be able to get ALL of my purchases. Over my protests, she asked the checkout guy how much I was short, and proceeded to hand over the couple two three bucks I needed to round out my items. The people behind her, I’m not sure if they were all friends or what, well they all wanted to chip in as well. They didn’t seem upset, or angry that I had been holding up the line. Which I thought was strange, because we all know how that can be more often than not in these situations.

They all laughed a bit as they vied to toss dollars on the counter, or hand them to the checkout dude, and I was thanking them all and smiling, a bit puzzled but appreciative. So I was able to get all my stuff, and not feel so bad that somehow, somewhen I’d lost track of my debit card. I had planned to breeze by the grocery store after my stop there and grab stuff for a light dinner. Well that was out of the question, and my bank was closed by then too. But not too much of a worry, since I did have a few snacks still at home.

I went home and dug through the pockets of the stuff I wore over the last few days, searched my eco-friendly shopping bags, and my cute lil purse. I could not find my debit card anywhere. So I decided to call up my bank and get it cancelled and get a new one sent out to me. Which I did no problem, and I can get an interim card in person at the bank for use until the official one arrives. On my to-do list today for sure.

But this brings up all sorts of new hassles. I will have to reset all the bills I have that automatically take money from my debit card with the new card info when it comes. Which is stuff I hate doing, cuz my brain hates having to figure all that out, but have I to do it each time it expires and I had YEARS to go before having to do all that again. Le Sigh. But I’ll manage.

Here’s the brain part. The last time I used my debit card was at the grocery store I think. Sometime over the weekend maybe. There is no reason for me to have my store savings card and not my debit card, since I use those two things simultaneously. I have no earthly idea where my debit card is. I even looked under and down the sides of the seats in my car. I don’t think I got robbed, because my whole wallet would be gone, not just that one particular card.

Welcome to my life. I make hassles for myself, and make my life harder than it has to be, all because my brain doesn’t work the way it should at times. I’m pretty sure my card will pop up sometime in the next few days or weeks. Maybe. But just in case I really did lose it somewhere out in the world, I did the cancel/send a new one thing.

Hassles and iffy brain aside, I could have had an even worse experience at that convenience store. I was already slightly freaking out, because I realized that I had no idea where my debit card was, I was surprised as heck to not find it sitting my wallet where it was supposed to be. I was a bit embarrassed – not to too much tho, maybe more like disgruntled – to have to be putting back some items and all that.

Those happy nice people diffused the situation and made it actually quite pleasant. My freakout got shunted aside as I interacted with them and the new checkout guy who thought the whole thing was highly fascinating. I got to get all my stuff, and I got to have a relatively ok experience, when it could have been very not ok.

People are nice.


Believe me, I’ve had some very not nice experiences at that same store.
Let’s face it, this place is a lil bit rednecky – see my confederate flag post – and I’ve had some uncomfortable things happen with fellow shoppers who made it very clear they Didn’t Like My Kind.
This was refreshing and nice and its the little things, you know? Have you had any unexpected People Are Nice adventures of your own?

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