Bring Me a Big Bold Blonde Badass

[Prolly some second season spoilers from Game of Thrones up in this post, so ditch out now: You’ve been WARNED]


What can I say? I’m in LOVE! So much so, I’ve gone against my noooo spoilers code because I just cannot keep my feelings to myself anymore! I’m still going to insist that nobody spoil anything for ME tho, because well I’m SPESHUL like that :)


Brienne of Tarth

What’s not to love? From the first second she appeared on the screen I was captivated. Even helmeted I was like OMG this amazing warrior knight is gonna turn out to be a WOMAN oh yes please I hope sooooo YES!!! I’ve mentioned before I’ve got that Eye For Body Language and don’t think I didn’t see those powerful Warrior Woman moves going ON! (That, and men always wanting to rip their helmets off without being asked, directly after a win so everyone knows it was THEM uhhh-HUH!)

British actor (no, I don’t use “ess” words, ask me why) Gwendoline Christie plays Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones and I was way beyond happy to see her stride boldly into the story arc. Did I say happy? Try ecstatic! And her real name is “Gwendoline”??? iDied. How freaking perfect is that???


I’m taking applications and doing interviews for my own Big Bold Blonde Badass warrior knight. If y’aint 6 ft 3 in or taller, don’t even bother sending your resume in. And sorry, dudes, don’t try that hide behind the helmet thing either – I’ll be able to spot you out anyway ;p

And when Brienne took a knee and pledged her honor and her sword to Catelyn Stark? Warmed the cockles of my dominatrix heart, I tells ya! There is nothing like having a strong amazing person who is a foot and change taller than yourself kneeling at your feet. Usually its a guy… hmm I see I’m going to have to broaden my horizons….

But I digress!!


This warrior stands head and shoulders above the rest, and she has the mad crazy fighting skills to back up her swagger. I love seeing characters like this. I love seeing how the actor is able to express “womanly traits” (you know, love, duty, service) while at the same time you know she could slice and dice you up into kebabs and roast you on a spit for brunch. Talent, people! (We see budding characteristics of this with young Arya Stark – girl power!)

I’m more than half serious about wanting my very own Warrior Chica. I’ve always thought having amazon body guards would be Teh Awesomest. I even wrote a little sci-fi short story that featured taller than average strong women as bouncers at the club where the story action was throwing down. Handsome butlers and warrior woman body guard… mmmm-HMM! (y’all should see my Vision Board lmao its totally cray).

I’m still insistent on nooooo spoilers as I take my journey savoring every step along the way with Game of Thrones. I’m not only SPESHUL but I’m very SELFISH too so ;p I don’t wanna know if/when/how my amazing Brienne dies, or gets hurt or what happens to her. I’m along for the ride! I don’t do Twatter, but I hear #TreacherousWhitePeople is a Thing up on there. My kinda TV show as you well know.


Spoil the show for My Lady? I’ll SKEWER you!

Bring it, Brienne!


I haven’t been this in love since Xena went off the air *giggles insanely* OMG this show is rocking my world! GoT, I Luff Yew :D

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2 Responses to Bring Me a Big Bold Blonde Badass

  1. anabbloggin says:

    check a photo of her here in the Parnassus movie.

    She’s in my top 5 characters in the books and series

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