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I usually have some sort of profound commentary or poetry or prose or something for my Sunday Thoughts post, but newp not feeling it this week. So I’ll just let you all know where I am on my various media consumption and well, stuff.


I finished Fringe. I had to go to the darkside of the net to get the beginning of the final season before I could hit the last few episodes on hulu. I have some opinions about season 5 and I have some questions. I won’t go into it here yet for awhile, because spoilers. But all in all I am relieved to have a sci-fi show be all wrapped up and not cancelled with a cliffhanger as per usual. I heard about some whispers about a Fringe movie. YAY. I hope that happens.


I’m sitting here with the final episodes of season 2 of Game of Thrones DVD in my hot little hand. Treacherous White People show to the MAX, fer sher! I’m loving it. I haven’t tried to Google up any method that might be out there to get into the current season – cuz well I don’t do TV and even so, I stopped budgeting HBO and allathat long before I ditched television. I’ll let you know what happens, because I don’t think I can survive waiting for the current season to end and for Netflix to finally make it available.


Oh just chop off my head already – I ain’t gonna make it!


As for the last week’s episode of Scandal – I only got three words:

Captain Jack Harkness!!!!!!


They already had Astrid showin up and now Cap’n Jack??? Yeah and I thought my love for Shonda Rhimes could not get any deeper. The consensus is that she is totally a sci-fi nerd and that is just Fine. With. Me.


See Luvvie‘s Awesome recap of Scandal episode 221: RICHEA. In which she dubs John Barrowman’s character “Molivia Nope” bwahahahaha! So damb perfect :) iDied. Again.

Let me right now confess that I came oh so very late to the game with Doctor Who. I kinda sorta know why that is, but I won’t go into it, you can ask me if you really want to know – I just might tell ya. But lets just say, I decided to jump in (via Netflix) when the buzz surrounding the reboot got too damn intense. And then came Torchwood, and then like many an impressionable laddie or lassie I fell in love with Captain Jack Harkness. Mmmmm-HMM!

And I absolutely love that the sexuality of so many of the characters on Torchwood is fluid. Yes fluid. Oprah had like three shows on that. Plenty of futuristic sci-fi shows and movies need to get with the program on that. It’s not about bisexual, its all about being omnisexual, son! Makes the most sense. And really, do you want to miss out on snaggin some alien beauty because you dunno if its a boy or a girl? Please.

And for the record, I am in the Jack = The Face of Boe camp. Did I scream and jump up and down and do backflips at that moment? Damn skippy I did. Ok well the screaming and jumping part for sure, but the backflips were done exclusively in my mind. The last backflips I actually ever did was way back when I was gymnast for a semester in high school when dinosaurs roamed the Urf. <—David So reference!! What!

and now I want to go live in Cardiff. damn you Torchwood! i dy garu di!


I will also be watching The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey today or tomorrow. I can’t even begin to tell you how large Tolkien and his hobbits have figured in my life since I was a little girl and wow how those LoTR movies impacted me. So I’m looking forward to seeing what’s what with Bilbo ‘n’ Nems. (yeah I know they chopped up that book into three movies but whatevs – Momma luffs da hobbitz!)

Also looking to go see Iron Man 3 if I can get Mah Posse rounded up.


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