Touch/24 Switcheroo: Total Metaphor

I know I’m late cuz the news broke on May 9th, but whatevs.

Fox is switching out their TV show Touch for a 24 reboot. Or continuation. Or WHATEVER.

I’m taking it as a metaphor for the direction we are heading in. (hell, handbasket, etc.)

Or perhaps I shouldn’t take things like that too seriously.

Or should I?


I know everybody loved them some 24 and Jack Bauer. I admit to watching the first season when I had TV, and in recent years swallowing the whole shebang – including that drecky season bridging  movie – on Netflix where it was in instant watch. Reasons why I did so at the end of this post.

I was also very happy to see it all come to an end. I was also very happy to see Kiefer Sutherland working his chops in a new way with that fascinating series Touch. I got to see the first season on Netflix, and thought it was pretty cool.

Sad to see Kiefer joining the ranks of aging male action stars who don’t know when to quit. It was all fun and games with Ahnold and thems doing sendups (Expendables 1 & 2) that acknowledged they were getting too old for those shenanigans until – The Last Stand and that strange reboot of Rambo. (And tell me I did not hear whispers about Ahnold trynta do Conan again?? Tell me I heard wrong).

And also. I don’t like the flip side of this that has Hollywood sticking women into mom roles the second they turn 30 etc. (Lawd they had Whitley playing a grandmother up on TVD!!) But its A-OK for a middle-aged (45 year old) Richard Gere to run around playing a 22 year old Lancelot.


Jack Bauer was looking pretty haggard at the end of 24‘s run, and that’s another reason why I loved Touch. I figured Kiefer knew what time it was and was going to sink his teeth into more meatier dramatic roles. C’mon its not that hard to run around shooting everybody, never getting hurt, and squaring your jaw for the torture scenes amirite? Don’t need an advanced degree in Shakespearean Acting to pull that off is what I’m sayin.

“Kiefer Sutherland’s performance has also been met with praise, with Landweber saying “Sutherland, however, plays the part with such a combination of intensity and subtlety that we are drawn deep into Martin’s suffering, and rather than judging him, we feel with him. Every trial is etched in his face. He imbued Jack Bauer with similar stoicism, but Martin seems less resilient, more distressed.” (source)



Touch explored things similar to “the pattern” from Fringe, some stuff that the series Alphas deals with, the interconnectivity of humanity, The Random, The Purpose and a lot of metaphysical stuff and more.

But no. We can’t have raising the bar television, we have to slip backwards in time and continue something that was past its expiration date societally after the first three seasons. I thought we’d gotten better than that and moved on.

I’ve read all about how Kiefer just loved himself some Jack Bauer too, and this is all about him trying to relive all his glory. Must be nice to be able to make a network do whatever you want.



We can look forward to more racial stereotypes, more unrepentant misogyny and violence against women, more Muslim = Terrorist, more Africa (as a country not the continent it actually is) = warlords running around everywhere and of course plenty much more of torture torture torture!

I guess I wouldn’t care so much if the news was along the lines of oh hey did you hear that Sutherland was going on to do something new and different after his series Touch was cancelled sort of thing. But because this was a deal to switch out his current show with the been there done that got the fake We Care About Darfur teeshirt – I am sincerely not feelin it.

Seems like America wants to go back in time to a someplace somewhen that never existed so I stand by my metaphor.

And another fail for the genre that is television.


Shoulda rebooted Fringe instead.


So hey why you watched alladat 24 if you thought it was so much shite? 
Well because I, unlike so many others, like to know exactly what I’m talking about when I’m going to critique and/or criticize something.
You can’t pull the “why you hatin, you dint even watch it” thing with ME. I will not however, be subjecting myself to this do-over/reboot whatever it is.
I have to prepare myself for Ahnold hobbling around on his walker swinging his sword around when the Conan reboot kicks off.

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