You GO Minnesota!

Marriage equality is now law in Minnesota.

Wooooty WOoT WOOT!


asiangrrlMN Mina Hong sez in the above linked article:

“You know what this means, right? It means that every straight person will have to divorce and get gay-married.  It means that there will be no more procreation because no one is thinking of the children. It means that rainbow glitter will deck the halls instead of boughs of holly, and everyone will have to burst out singing at random times while doing JAZZ HANDS. It means that churches will be forced to marry anyone who wants to marry anyone or anything else, including goats and toasters. It means the destruction of society as we know it, and for that, all I can say is huzzah!”

“Oh wait.  It doesn’t mean any of those things at all except in the fevered imagination of those opposed to marriage equality.”

“It doesn’t mean that straight marriages will become lesser, and it’s silly to think that unless you already view straight marriage as a zero-sum game privilege. If that’s the case and the security of your marriage depends on someone else being denied the same right, then you are a bigot, whether you like it or not, and you deserve to be publically shamed.”

Yeah. So. Get Over Yourselves and




Only 40 more states to go. SMH we can do better. Its 2013 yall!
I was on pins and needles waiting, hoping MN would do eeeet – and they DID! So YAY! WTG! *tosses rainbow glitter everywhere* :)

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