Can You Hear It?

That’s the sound of bated breath.

Of hearts pounding in anticipation.

The gears of Black Lady Twitter being oiled and tested.

The last minute rush to grab that perfect bottle of wine.

Of picking out which flavor popcorn you are gonna pop.

Of phone lines being yanked out of the wall.

Cell phones being turned off.

Schedules being cleared.

The sounds of preparation for the Season Finale of



Me, I have to wait until after it airs on network television and whenever hulu decides to post it up. I absolutely love Scandal but I won’t be hopping back on the television bandwagon for it neever.

I’ll UPDATE tomorrow with where you can get your Scandal recaps ON. Tho actually there really is only One Place…


It takes a certain amount of skill to be able to duck and hide and not get any spoilers during the wait for hulu to post up the current episode of Scandal.
Especially if I have to be on the web during that interim. But usually, sort of like tonight, I have the next 12-16 hours planned out so there is minimum risk of exposure.
Sometimes I opt out completely and stay exclusively on Netflix playing live stream content or I read a book or jump into bed and pull the Two Black Cats over my head and call it a night.
Like I said. It takes mad skillz. See you on the flip side! Go Shonda! Go Kerry!

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