Kiera Wilmot: Charges Dropped!

Kiera Wilmot will not have those two felony charges! Her case has been dismissed: All gone, GOOD and YAY and HOORAY!

Stuff I think I know about the situation as it stands today – but don’t quote me boy cuz I ain’t said sh-WOW ok NWA flashback where did that come from?? LOL read on MacDuff:

1. Kiera already served a 10 day suspension and is continuing her schooling at some other place until end of the current academic year.

2. The year long expulsion as recommended from her original school is now being looked at. However, she will be allowed to finish her senior year at a regular school (I think?) instead of that weird expulsion program school thinger Florida seems to think is just fine and dandy.

3. I do believe you should CLICK HERE and DONATE what you can so both Kiera and her twin Kayla can have further their education, with the support and respect, budding scientific minds deserve.

Stuff I’m absolutely MORE certain about:

There is still a long way to go. PLEASE READ THIS. The way things still stand in Polk county and counties all over Florida and all over all of the States of this Union – another Kiera Wilmot can and will happen again, and has indeed already happened before Kiera fell victim to How Things Are With Our Public Schools In America.

The HuffPo article I linked to at the start of my post has quotes from a county official or whoever, denying that internet, social media, blogs and petitions had no impact on their decision making in Kiera’s case. I cry bullpuckey on that!

We DO have the power to make changes. As some indicated by many comments on the Daily Kos article I linked to, many believe that those involved in the unjust arrest and charging of Kiera were shamed – by all of us – into correcting the mistake they made.

However, they have businesses to run, and the next child to fall prey to the school-to-prison pipeline might not be so lucky. Might not get to our notice, and indeed, as I keep saying, there are hundreds of thousands of our kids already caught up in this nation-wide system.


What can we do to put a stop to all of this? What can we do to put an end to the criminalization of our children, and the police-states that our schools have become? I don’t have any answers, but a simple suggestion might be to find two or three public schools in your area – or maybe further away from your comfort zone area in your town, and check in on them and find out what their school policies are.

Do they have a Zero Tolerance policy in place? Do they have their own police and/or security or are they utilizing city police officers instead? Find out what their process and policies are when it comes to discipline in their school.

If you come up with a school that looks like Polk County Shenanigans than find out via PTA or just go and speak with parents or the school board and find out the process for which these things came to be. And work towards dismantling them, reforming them, putting something better in place of what is happening now.

All of this is very political, so it might take some savvy voting on your part, and to tackle things you haven’t looked at before. It might take some community and grassroots uprising. I just don’t know.


But don’t stop here, and pat ourselves on the back for helping out with Kiera and her family and just move on. The problem that Kiera got tangled up in: Is Still Alive and Well and Kicking.

Let Kiera Wilmot be your springboard to action. Let Kiera Wilmot be the catalyst for Change. Let Kiera Wilmot be our flagship, our banner, our rallying point for making a difference, and for the betterment of our country and how we treat our children.

How many Kiera’s are currently languishing in juvenile facilities? How many have adult charges now on their records PERMANENTLY? How many are on the track towards poverty, ignorance and prison? How many, who could have contributed to our society, who could have been an asset to our nation, who could have helped in scientific and academic advances have had their future – and ours – snuffed out?

This is not the beginning, nor is it the end. We are coming at this in the middle of the mess and well that’s a fine place to start if you ask me. Join the fight, change the world, save our kids, our future.


Lastly, I just want to call out Kiera’s science teacher. I nailed it on my first post about this case. While the teacher had no knowledge of Kiera’s experiment, he had indeed assigned her and her classmates a science project. Kiera was experimenting, looking to find a method or a chemical reaction that she could use to make her project work.

But you didn’t hear about all that until that information was dug up during the investigation. All Kiera’s teacher had to say was: Yes there is a current science project assigned to Kiera and her classmates. I’m guessing that she was working on that assignment and experimenting with methods for her project. I’m sure she intended no harm.

Just three sentences. Go on record as backing up your student, instead of throwing her under the bus with your “gee, I dunno anything about any experiment” line that got bounced around the web and back. Shame on YOU.

Thank goodness Kiera will not be returning to that godawful travesty that wants to call itself a school.

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