Boohoo Bang Bang Byebye


Oh LAWED I loves me some Hollis Doyle!! I sure hope he gets more screen time next season bruh be killin me with his lines hahahahaha!

And speaking of next season: can we get more back story on Harrison? Can we get him a love interest? Can I volunteer for the job? Can I get into gingham and polkadots? Yes, yes I Can!


You can get THE recap of last night’s Scandal season finale RIGHT HERE at Awesomely Luvvie. The best Scandal recaps EVAR! Luvvie: I Luff Yew! (So Much Love)

Also there is the fabulous Scandal recap/review from Ankhesen Mie over at The Black Girls Club.

As for me…..

ok first of all:

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY No More Olitz!! Or at least until the first five minutes of next season’s opener I’m sure. Le SIGH. But at least I’ll have the Summer to be all happy about it. YAY!!

Did Harrison say “ish just got real“???? My hulu rewind was not functioning so I couldn’t go back and hear that uhh, ish again. Hahahaha brilliant if he did. Somethings are just so damb PERFECT.

Huckleberry Quinn? Absolutely AWESOME!! I have no words. My girl stepped up and threw down. Like a BAWSE. And Guillermo Diaz got to do that thing he does with his face *swooonnn*

They threw my Jakie-pooh-bear-honey-chile into the HOLE!! *sobs!*


I’m all about Jolivia. Or Olake. Or Jakvia. Or Oliviake. Pretty much on #TeamAnyoneButFitz – hell I’d even cosign a three-way with America’s favorite married couple Cyrus and James.

My objections to Olitz aren’t what you might think. I don’t take some fakey moral high ground about ooh adultery OMG or anything like that. The glass house I live in is Beautiful. Momma don’t chuck no stones around.

I don’t give a hoot about the interracial thing. Heck my kid is mixed. Oh wait its called biracial now. Whatevs. Basically: I’m down with the swirl, do what you gotta do.

What I do care about is how Fitz has always treated Olivia. All grabby, handsy, always very controlling. Always Oh I Luff Yew! one minute and You Mistress Whore! the next minute. The flip-flopping of his regard for her. Never treating her with any respect. Didn’t even really “earn her” or “choose her” or anything neever. And I can’t stand the way Olivia kept going back for more.

Thing is, I can relate tho. I’ve been in a similar situation before, (with a controlling disrespectful BF) and it took a whole hell of a lot from inside to finally just up and leave that guy. I broke his car door during my final exit so I feel good about that too. You might have been there before yourself. You’ve also known that friend who was in a disastrous relationship and nothing you could say or do would get her to drop that asshole boyfriend of hers. Relate, Understand etc but Do Not Like or Want alladat for Olivia Pope!!

Priceless Faces: Reality Check Edition


The looks on Olitz’s face when they got Da TROOF thrown down at them? I LOOOOVED it!! I was in HEAVEN. About damb time ish was broken down and everyone got back to REALITY.

Thank Yew Cyrus Beene!


“Life is not a romance novel”.

In Effing Deed.

And the Comment Crew, the Gladiators, the Scandalians over at Awesomely Luvvie called it a looong time ago: Luke I Am Your Father.




Wooo! I had fun! Great season ender! Olivia was back in True Form wearing her dazzling white. Will be a long dry Summer without Scandal, but I know I’ll make it through ok.
I got questions tho. I miss the Gladiators doing their thang up in OPA and fixing ish. When are we going to get back to that?
Why was Huck so routine with his bug sweeps? That was never addressed. It went completely against his character, and really against the whole How To Be a Spy/Covert Ops Dude playbook.
Some Scandalians over at Luvvie’s spot pointed out Olivia running to the safe and waving the Cytron card all around was not the swiftest thing she could have done. They thought maybe she was doing a set up. Her doing that ran false to them and to me too for that matter. There were far more elegant ways write up just how David finds out where the card was.
Writers dropping the ball on characters and/or storyline arcs? It happens. Even with the crack team over at ShondaLand. See you next season!

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  1. Yvie Sismee says:

    Love the Zora Neale Hurston quote. Love love love!!!!

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