What Is a Real American?

If you don’t know why I posted the picture below, and/or what it pertains to: Please Read This.


There are people people that exist in this world who I try my best to never utter their name or write their name. The author of that linked article prolly has the same aversion I do, because he did not mention the spark that started this whole silly bonfire was from a certain Yew Know Who. She lives in Alaska. She wanted to become a heart attack away from being the POTUS some years way back when.

She made the comment via twitter that “…most Americans carry their own umbrellas” in response to the actual POTUS having members of the Marine corps hold an umbrella for himself and a visiting dignitary during a rainy outdoor speech situation. like that’s never happened before.

Plenty of GOP types took her comment and ran with it, and hence this “outrage” and “umbrellagate” and who knows what all will crop up next.

None of that is important to me.

What is of importance to me is the question posed in that picture.

So what is the difference?


I like to apply my version of Occam’s Razor to pretty much everything. “It states that among competing hypotheses, the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions should be selected.” Or, in my own translation, “The simplest non-estoopid explanation of whahahappened is usually the correct one”.

Why on earth would someone make such a mountain of a molehill? Why would someone persist in doing that same thing – because this is not the first time, nor even the fiftieth time they have done the same thing? And why would they persist when in this day and age anyone who has access to a library or the internet can go get information that absolutely refutes their repeated statements?

There are many things at play here. The first one is the advent of a Black president. Another is the reliance on the laziness of the American public. Don’t know what I mean by that? There is a huge segment of the population that gets its “news” solely from places like their twitter feed and/or facebook wall, or worse yet single point of view media sources.

There is no compare and contrast. Those basic skills that we were supposed to learn in high school. Things like getting a second opinion. That seems to only applied to medical issues. And then there is the tried and true concept of: Thinking For Yourself. Very little of that going around these days, and people like Yew Know Who and her cohorts know this very well and take advantage of it.

I don’t shy away from calling out certain criticisms against Obama as being racist, based in racism, heavily flavored with bigotry, having a huge helping of racist code words used in juxtaposition with the Southern Strategy. Notice I didn’t say all criticisms – I said certain ones. Ones that can turn the routine occurrence of a president asking military personnel to hold an umbrella for them when its raining into a national Thing.

Plenty of POTUS before Barack Obama have done that very same thing. There was no flap or even a flutter. There was no discussion about what are or are not the duties of military personnel when they pertain to their Commander In Chief. Republicans did not get upset at Democrat presidential umbrella use. Democrats did not get upset at Republican presidential umbrella use. Why is that?

Because it simply isn’t a Thing. Or an Issue. It is something that makes sense. When its raining, use an umbrella. When you need both hands free, someone else needs to hold the umbrella for you. Aside from the making sense part of it, when it comes to leaders of nations, there is protocol in place to handle rainy day outdoor situations. That was understood.

This is just one more attack, with that dollop of code wording I might add, from a person who has been doing this same thing for years. And for the people that backed her comment up, who cosigned it, who are still right now going along with the “outrage”… well they all need to take a seat.

Suggested image searches: Yew Know Who and the word umbrella. Any past president you can think of and the word umbrella.


Let’s break it down shall we? What do you mean by code words and racism and allathat?

“Most Americans”.

If the person in question is being scolded with those two words, what is being said, is that particular person is not an American. The President of the United States has been Othered since the day he announced his candidacy for our highest office. A particular favorite has been to suggest out right declare that he is not even an American citizen.

And the way they went about it, the whole “Show Your Papers” thing was extremely upsetting. Why? Because I know my history. I know about the Pass Books that anyone non-white had to show at anytime in South Africa. I know about slaves having to have papers to show that they were where they were supposed to be an any given time.

There are people to this very day, right now who do not believe that our president was born in the United States. Which is, crazy, because, using my brand of Occam’s Razor, that would mean the system that is currently in place for vetting candidates to our highest office is completely in a shambles, and every president we’ve ever had is now suspect. But no. The only president ever to be suspect in the area of citizenship is America’s first Black president. Why is that?


Black people in this country, and actually most people of color in this country have been treated as second class citizens since forever. If they are even treated as citizens to begin with. When people talk about “America” and “Americans” and “Americana” they don’t mean people who look like me. Mostly, that unwritten “rule” has been subtle, and not overtly talked about, or referred to, it has just been the silent Given. The silence ended when the representative of, the leader, the Boss, the Commander in Chief suddenly stopped looking like that Given.

Some people shrugged and kept it moving. Some people didn’t even pause to shrug. Some people took a little while to get used to the idea fact. Some people were unhappy about it, but kept it moving. Some people were sad. Some were angry. Some were frightened. And other people just went batshitcray.

You have to understand what all of that looks like from my point of view. Since George Washington on up through the ages, the POTUS didn’t look like me. He was always white and male. I never went batshitcray. The most time a president can be around is for is eight years. FFS ride it out, keep it moving and put up your All-American candidate, get him elected, breathe a sigh of relief already!

Why all this animosity and hate? It looks completely crazy from over here. I would laugh at it, but this type of behavior is dangerous because it puts our First Family in the most jeopardy any First Family has ever experienced EVAR. Did you know that these same types were calling shenanigans because of Secret Service assigned to the Sasha and Malia? Really? Every single child or children of every single other president has had security assigned to them. But now its a horrible waste of resources and considered elitist to have that for our First Kids. Why is that?


I feel the most pity for those who have fallen for “Real American” shenanigans. For those that refuse to think for themselves. For those who don’t apply even the most basic of logic and thinking to issues that come up. For those that let the media, pundits, and politicos decide for them what is an actual issue to begin with. For example:

Look at that nice clean cut American white male Marine being forced to hold an umbrella for that uppity muslim nigger.

That isn’t what Yew Know Who tweeted. But actually that is exactly what she tweeted. You can judge from the response she knew she would get, the fanning of the flames, the “outrage” the “umbrellagate” that shortly ensued.

If you disagree with me. Tell me why you do in the comments here. Give me concrete facts and examples that will show me clearly that I am mistaken. That Yew Know Who was innocently tweeting about some random passing thing, and that everybody else is to blame for making it something racist, coded and of issue.

Keep in mind I have a thorough knowledge of Miss Thing’s track record. I, unlike many others, study ALL sides, people and aspects of issues I find important to me, that might have bearing and/or affect my life. I do my homework. I like to know where people are coming from, and why and how they do what they do. I understand tactics. I understand subterfuge and deceit. I understand codes. As any self-respecting American should.

A real American.


ok I really hate it that Yew Know Who got me riled up. I figure since this is actually the first time since she popped up whatever years ago – I’m doing pretty good. Usually I just take notes for Her File, and keep it moving.
I guess I’m just getting sickandtired of this ish. Black president woo scawy eek eww OMG! Really? Get. Over. It.
Hate to see the reaction to something actually horrific like a global recession or disappearing glaciers or the safety of women and girls at an all time low or – what? OH. *facepalm* 
Here’s Kid President to make it aaaaaall BETTAH

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2 Responses to What Is a Real American?

  1. VernonC says:

    Since before he became POTUS, he has been cast as a socialist. What pushed this into high gear was a picture like your with the leaders of the socialist stereotypes presidents speaking to their countrymen without umbrellas…so the ignorant take away is that grammar school adage “monkey see monkey do” which only make sense to those that also hold to the racist view of African Americans as ” Monkeys” ….KMBA…

    • Awake BW says:

      I’m not sure I understand what you are saying. He should have been the “good little socialist” and gone without the umbrella? I don’t think Yew Know Who is that complicated. She is straight forward with her racism and use of code words that her followers and her ilk understood quite clearly.

      Also, that whole “ohh socialism is baaad” thing confused me from the jump, as we utilize several systems of what could be text book socialism in our own government. And the least of which, I look at major socialist countries and see them doing things a whole lot better than we are doing in similar areas.

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