Backlog In My Mind


There is always so much that I can write about. I have a huge backlog in my mind of posts, subjects, issues – FEELINGS that I could pour out upon these pages. But I really can’t. At least not right now.

You see, most of this STUFF I’m reacting to is really gross. Really sad and icky. Maybe it might be therapeutic to just toss it all out there into the ether, but I don’t want to be part of passing around the poison just so I can feel better. I wouldn’t anyways, because I’ll know I’ve just become part of the whole disgusting THING.

These are the times when it is very TRYING to find goodness in Human Beings. These are the times when I find my knee jerk response to be heartless and cruel as I mentioned in my previous post. I’m already becoming a victim to the icky goo and I don’t like it.

So maybe I’ll just concentrate on the lighter side of things. Talk about TV shows I’m viewing or revisiting. Have a post or two about the state of my Buddhist Nun Baldness that is taking on the proportions of a TWA with Chia Pet-like swiftness. Write an excerpt of the latest shenanigans from The Stealth Ninja Twins as they re-redecorate my latest attempt at Spring Cleaning Newness. I dunno.

Why do we blog anyway? Are we supposed to put our reactions to all the ick and goo and disgusting stuff out there? I mean it is different than a journal, because nobody has ever read my hand written journals, and I know at least one or two if not ten or twenty people read each one of my blog posts.

I’ll think about these things for a little while. I’ll decide what I’m going to do, by just doing it. I suppose I’ll have to get some things off my chest, because it has always been the healthier option for me. I just have to decide whether or not this is the place for that.


Why do you blog? Have you ever thought about this fairly recent phenomenon in that or any other way?
Will any of our words be around millennia from now like how we can read the walls, tombs and pillars of ancients from around the world?
Better to carve our thoughts in stone if we want them to last? Why do we blog if our words are so ephemeral?


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2 Responses to Backlog In My Mind

  1. MrJohnson says:

    I blog cause no one in ‘real life’ will listen nor would they understand.

    • Awake BW says:

      Hmmm very interesting. I like that! I don’t know why I blog yet – still thinkin on it, but of interest is that I first started my Awake Black Woman blog(s) to create a space away from all my “real life” people who knew about and read my current blog at the time. So I was always checking myself, because my Mom might freak out or Aunt Whosit might have a coronary if they knew just how I felt about stuff. So maybe blogging is in part about freedom…

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