You GO France!

France says YES to Equal Marriage!

Woooty WOOT WOOT!!!


Becoming the 14th country on the planet to have their hearts in the right place. Sorry USA you don’t count – only 12 states out of 52 – we still gotta looong way to go.

Some dude decided the world had ended because a bunch of people who love each other were allowed to get hitched, and offed himself. I won’t repeat the things I said when I first read that news. It won’t help the cause, and it might get my Ally Card revoked. I blame my exposure to American society that can render me heartless and cruel at times. Moving on.

I have this love/hate relationship with France. Or maybe hate is too strong a word. More like love/disappointed. I consider myself a francophile, parce que j’aime beaucoup des choses francais. The people, the language, the food, the wine the landscapes the chateaux dans la vallee de la loire.

I also know they are a very very white country. They like many countries in Europe colonized lots of places around the world, and now have unfortunately racialized immigration issues in the present because of it. I also know they are prone to do stuff like THIS from time to time as well. So I get disappointed. So my love is tempered.

But it is still the first choice of countries on my Ditch Outta Dodge list. And they just got a whole passel of brownie points for legislating on the side of equality and that LOVE thing the French are always rattling on about. C’est L’amour what can I say? And the first French baby born in 2013 had two moms :) I’m glad they can get officially married now YAY!!



I never get tired of writing these posts! YAY! 
Please don’t shoot yourself dead because Equal Marriage. Just don’t.
It Will Be Ok.

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