Another Urban Adventure


Like my adventure at the beginning of the month illustrated in THIS POST, this one took place in that very same convenience store. Yes, my life is thrilling. But seriously, life is what happens when you are at the tail end of running errands and you stop in at your local convenience store to 1) Snag some items of convenience, 2) See what threw down because you notice cop cars pulled up alongside the store.

Yeah I’m nosy. Also, this store is mere blocks from my home, so I’m inclined to want to know if there is anything Happening that I need to be aware of. Also, Black people like to know where their local cops are at all times. They have a profile. That information can save your life.

But things didn’t look that serious, and I was able to get the skinny from one of My Check Out Dudes who’d been involved in the incident. Basically drunk and disorderly, and he had to tell the guy to go do his disorderly stuff away and off of store property. Drunk dude wasn’t pleased, slight altercation ensued, cops were called. I showed up during the everything is ok, we just need info for our reports stage of things. Nobody was hurt.

btw I used the word “urban” in my post title on purpose. I’m all about teaching code words. “urban” can mean “of the city” but when the media uses that word, it usually means Black people, or people of color. shhhhhhh you didn’t hear that from me ;) hence my post is about me a Black person having an adventure somewhere.

So I get to chit-chatting with My Check Out Dude and one of the local guys – an older Vet type that is the popular demographic around where I live. You know, shooting the breeze, talking about crime, commenting on the Oklahoma Tornado and whatever. We got started talking about pets, because it turns out – no surprise – that he was acquainted with my older Vet neighbor and his Cutest Chihuahua On The Planet.

He whips out his iPhone to show me pics of a local cat that had adopted him. Awwww the usual isn’t she lovely and how funny and awww she’s sleeping. The last one was of her crashed out on her back, paws in the air on the couch, perfectly positioned on a heating pad. Cats can do that. It is one of their Innate Skillz.

I noticed that the throw blanket for the matching chair right next to the couch the kitty was on, was actually a flag, or was a blanket with a flag printed on it. Yep you guessed it. Wasn’t Old Glory, no Ma’am! You’d think I’d be able to go a day or a week or a month without having to encounter That Flag. But oh well. I know its rednecky as heck in this neck of the woods, but dang.

And no Southern Twang or anything from dude, and I can catch an accent, no matter how faint or suppressed. I have Golden Ears and my facility with music and language is Awesome. So I wasn’t even prepared. That was the last item of house decoration I expected to see in those pics.

Tommy Lee Jones Dude Really

White people. You have to let that flag go. Move ON. Welcome to 22nd Century. It is much better to be ahead of the times than behind the times. Trust and Believe.


How was your latest adventure – urban or otherwise? Any boring anecdotes of your daily life you want to share? After all isn’t this why we are blogging?
I dunno. I still haven’t sorted that out. I think I blog because I can. I think I blog because it enhances my voice and I can touch people I might not otherwise have any contact with. 
I think I blog because I am and have always been a Teacher. And I am also the Perpetual Student in this University of Life. And when I can’t Dance, or even Walk, when my speaking voice is clogged with tears of Anger, Sadness and Frustration
I can still always Write.

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2 Responses to Another Urban Adventure

  1. M N Rajkumar says:

    Your style is captivating and it gives great pleasure going through these pages. Best wishes.

    • Awake BW says:

      Thank you :)
      I’m glad you’re enjoying your visit to my Heart and Mind – isn’t that what we put out here on these digital Pathways?

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