Give This to Every Male You Know

It is time for MEN to step up to the plate. Husbands, Fathers, Brothers, Boyfriends, Sons, Nephews, Cousins, That Guy In The Blue Shirt, Your Drinking Buddies, Gay Guys, Fellow CEOs, Joe Blow, Everyman In The Street, The Guy Next Door, Ex-Husbands, Best Friends, Co-Workers, That Republican Guy, That Democrat Dude, Acquaintances, Gamers, Doctors, Police Officers, Military Personnel, Lawyers, Shopkeepers, The Drivethru Guy, That Dude Over There, Transmen, Artists, Journalists, Astronauts, Nurses, Entrepreneurs, IT Guys, Techies, M/Billionaires, Partners, Bloggers ok yeah Every Single Male You Know.

Watch This TED Talk video. Then watch it again. Send it out, pass it along. Signal boost it. Tweet it, Facebook it. Viral the heck out of it. Learn from it.



Take your place alongside the Women and Girls in your life and all across the globe who want the madness to END. Who want the paradigm shift to BEGIN.

A worldwide campaign called, Unite Against Rape, has been launched by women’s rights group, The purpose of the campaign is to support rape victims/survivors, as well as bring the discussion of our current rape culture into the forefront of media attention and public discourse. You can get more information about the campaign on the Facebook Page.

Join in. Become That Guy. The one who takes action, takes a stand, unites with the world to Change It For The Better. Goodness knows we Women and Girls, we Females have been advocating for this across the ages – we cannot do it alone because:

It Is A MAN’S Issue.


More about this video.

Other stuff you should know. In case you are unaware of how acute this issue is, and why this paradigm shift needs to happen.

Get the tools you need in order to help bring this about. Many are outlined in that video. You can start today by speaking out and taking a stand when you come across the unfortunately everyday and casual sexism that occurs in your daily life. aka The Bystander Approach.

Men Can Stop Rape.

RAINN dot Org.

Protect Our Defenders.

No More dot Org.


Because you know what? I’m absolutely tired of it. How do you think it looks to us Women and Girls when we see time, effort, attention and funds being spent on things like electrocuting panties and pundits telling me I need to get a gun.
How About You Stop Raping. How About That?
I about DIED when I read about Angelina Jolie’s devastating decision to remove her breasts. Instead of hacking off healthy female body parts How About We Cure Breast Cancer Already. How About That?
Don’t worry about what I’m wearing, where I’m walking, what I’m drinking, about getting me a knife or a gun or pepper spray, or what time of day or night it is:
How About Men Begin to Worry About Men Who Rape and How to Stop Them? Worry about the the abusive guy, worry about the sexist creeper, worry about that nice guy next door who terrorizes his family every day. Worry About That.
We are not the problem. You are the solution.

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