Judge, Jury and Executioner

Zimmerman and his lawyers

I’m trying not to get upset at George Zimmerman’s lawyers, I really am trying. I could try and see it from their side of things and say that I know they have a case to try and I know they are trying to do their jobs, but seriously?

I like to strip things down to the bare facts. To put aside anything extra that might get in the way of the Truth of things. I have not ever done any of my Trademark Research into the the Trayvon Martin case, but I think I got most of the basics of what went down.

What I do know is this.

One man took it upon himself to be the Judge, the Jury and the Executioner of another human being.

I guess the lawyer’s job is to find a way for a jury to come to the conclusion that 1) Zimmerman was none of those things when it came to Trayvon, or 2) Trayvon deserved to be murdered, or 3) hmm I dunno, I got nothin.

What I also know is this.

Trayvon would still be alive, and Zimmerman would still be running around free if he had obeyed the security or police officer (I forget which it was) who told him to back off and leave the situation for them to deal with.

And by situation, I mean some kid walking home (unarmed) from a store.

Trayvon may have made it inside where he was staying before the security or squad car got to him. Or maybe they would have passed him by realizing 1) he certainly wasn’t “suspicious” and/or 2) they all too familiar with Zimmerman and didn’t want to be a party to his usual vigilante antics.

Or maybe they might have stopped Trayvon and questioned him, and sent him on his way. Perhaps bothered, perhaps angry and/or humiliated – because that is what Stop & Frisk and Stop & Question is all about. Either way he had a semi decent chance of being alive at the end of it.

Apparently in Florida you can shoot and kill someone in cold blood, but as long as you say it was self defense and because of their interpretation of their Stand Your Ground laws you can walk away scott-free and without any charges against you.

It is now being “discovered” and “found out” and “dug up” that Trayvon was a typical American troubled teen of this day and age. Those findings are being used by Zimmerman’s lawyers to help their case.

Be warned. If you do a little pot, or talk about weed, or proclaim on your facebook that you are gangsta, talk about guns, download a picture of a gun, get angry at a friend, get in trouble at school, have a fascination about gang life, get in fights with your peers etc you deserve to be shot and killed.

So let’s do some research on what constitutes you being charged, tried and convicted – found guilty – of a crime that warrants the death penalty. The penalty that Zimmerman meted out to Trayvon.

All executions since 1976 have been for murder or conspiracy to commit murder, although other crimes are eligible for the DP depending on what state you are in.

Most states require additional aggravating circumstances to make a murder eligible for the death penalty.

So ok, lets look at the aggravating circumstances in Florida. There are two: Capital sexual battery and capital drug trafficking.

The Federal Government has many, many crimes punishable by death, including:
treason (fighting against your own country), espionage (spying), large scale drug trafficking, attempted murder of a witness in a Continuing Criminal Enterprise (relates to the Mob, mostly), murder while transporting explosives, murder while committing a civil rights offense, murder while robbing a bank, murder while taking hostages, killing a cop, killing a federal judge, killing a prison guard, murder using weapons of mass destruction, and many others.

Looks like to me that Trayvon Martin had never committed any of those crimes, much less been charged, tried and convicted for any either. I bolded one particular federal crime listed up there “murder while committing a civil rights offense”.

George Zimmerman better watch out.

He did in fact murder someone. He as been charged with second degree murder.

He may have murdered Trayvon while violating his civil rights.

This is a high powered, high profile – international, the world is watching – case, and those lawyers have nothing else to go on but sad history of a troubled teen? And how is that relevant to the case?

Attorneys for George Zimmerman say that unreleased text messages drawn from Trayvon Martin’s cell phone show the 17-year-old was arguing with a friend and was “angry” on the day he was shot and killed in Sanford, Fla.

Yes everyone. Make sure to not be angry and have argued with someone on the day you get murdered. It could be used against your dead self in a court of law.


Trying your case in the media pretty much means you have no case.

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