Whatchu Watchin?

And now for something completely different.

I just got finished listening to the afternoon TWiB podcast and I’m drained. All the subject matter that I’ve been touching on here in this space for the last few posts (Kiera Wilmot, Race and Racism, Trayvon Martin etc) has been stressful and deep. The podcast was along the same lines, so well right now I’m Opting Out.


Gonna talk a little bit about the fluffier side of life. What I’m watching on Netflix, hulu (yahulu??), movies and The Dark Side of the Net.

First and foremost is Sir Percival (I call him Percy) on the TV show Merlin. Yeah I know, its wrapped so noooooo spoilers! I’m getting caught up. I love this show for a lot of reasons, mainly because Guinevere is Black, and the cast from extras, background, guest stars, supporting actors has even more splashes of color than would be “normal” for anyone taking on the Arthurian Myth.

Queen Guinevere

I wrote about it RIGHT HERE already so you can check out more on that while that link is still around. But yeah back to My Percy. Lawd Have Mercy! He’s played by Tom Hopper who is 6 foot 5 inches tall. Can I get a witness?!? Lots of people have a “type” or have certain attributes they are into. Back in my heyday I dated a lot of different looking people but my preference has always leaned toward the TALLNESS. Hello!

Sir Percival Tom Hopper Merlin

I Luff Yew Percy! He is beautiful. Netflix has Merlin seasons 1-4 on Instant Watch right now. I’m at the tail end of season 4. I’ll have to go to The Dark Side of the Net to watch season 5, since hulu only has 1-4 as well. I dunno if its illegal or not to watch TV shows there, I feel sorta guilty about it, but Oh Well. I’ll worry about that when Teh Net Police are knocking on my door. I’m so American!


Game of Thrones. Yeah I admit to not being able to wait it out on Netflix, so I again girded my loins and delved into The Dark Side of The Net to get my fix. I’m all caught up now. *cackleswithglee!* Also note I’m not linking to my Watchin Spot. I still have Teh Guilts. Not going to corrupt yew too! I don’t do TV so I have to hack my viewing when necessary.

Khaleesi FTW. She is handling her biz lika BAWSE, yo!

Khaleesi BAWSE


I’m also dabbling in Blade the Series via Netflix DVD. Because Kirk “Sticky Fingaz” Jones. Too bad it got cancelled with no resolution. I keep wracking my brains trying to figure out who could be the next TV Blade. Got any suggestions? I wouldn’t be sad if they did a reboot.

I did watch the first installment of The Hobbit, and it was true to form and whatnot. I just hope the next installments will get even better as they go along. I’ll be there watching!

I got about half way through Hemlock Grove – a Netflix original blahblah – but I just don’t seem to want to continue. It is sort of campy over the top fun, but I guess I have to be in the mood. Haven’t been lately.

Can’t seem to get everyone’s schedules figured out for Iron Man 3, so I guess I’ll catch a matinee By Myself and My Posse will just have to stay sucking.


Speaking of Super Heroes. Crunkista over at The Crunk Feminist Collective writes about Bringing Back Wonder Woman. YES!!! Read that post if you want your Soul Renewed. This Should Happen. So let it be written, so let it be DONE. And so say we all!


I’ve also been getting my fix of Criminal Minds, and Doctor Who over at my Watchin Spot. I wanted to relive the relationship between Derek and Garcia. Also, I never got to see the end of the series, so I wondered what ever happened with that. Will it stay platonic and then segue into something more like with Mulder and Scully? Why did the interactions between supporting cast characters catch my eye and intrigue me so much? Damn Good Writing is WHY, I say!


I leave you with this picture of Blade. Well, because Kirk Jones.

You’re welcome :)

Blade Kirk Jones


Whatchu watchin? Anything cool? Got any recommendations? If all of this is way too low brow for your taste: Hit This Up. Its Shakespeare!

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