Women of the World: What Say You?

I lost it when I first heard about This Case in El Salvador. It prompted me to write THIS POST. Even in the throes of extreme emotion, I was able to parse things politely. Politeness time is over.

The nutshell of that case is this:

Beatriz wants to live. A 22-year-old Salvadoran from a poor, rural community, Beatriz (a pseudonym to protect privacy) suffers from chronic and severe medical conditions. She is the mother of an infant. And she is roughly 18 weeks pregnant with an anencephalic fetus, a fetus without a brain. Doctors at the Maternity Hospital determined that the pregnancy is life-threatening, and Beatriz requested that Salvadoran medical personnel perform an abortion, but a 1998 law in El Salvador prohibits all abortions, without exception. (source)

The update on Beatriz is this:

In a stunning decision made worse by the length of time it took to be handed down, the Supreme Court of El Salvador gave a young woman a death sentence on Wednesday by denying “permission” for an abortion needed to save her life.

Beatriz (a pseudonym) is now 24 weeks into an extremely high-risk pregnancy, complicated by a severe form of lupus, an autoimmune disease, hypertension, and renal (kidney) failure. Moreover, her pregnancy is not viable. The fetus she is carrying is anencephalic—it does not and will never have a fully formed brain—and can not survive more than a few hours after childbirth, if it survives at all.

More than ten weeks ago, in the first trimester of pregnancy, Beatriz’s doctors determined she herself could not survive this pregnancy and strongly recommended to authorities that she be allowed to have an abortion to save her life. The minister of health concurred. (source)

Sign the Change dot org petition HERE.

Make your donations to help save Beatriz’s life HERE.


Women of the world: What say you?

I’ll tell you what I say.

I’m tired of governments deciding on issues that are personal medical decisions that should be made within the privacy of the family unit. I’m tired of a society that negates my humanity and regulates me to the status of a walking womb.

I’m tired of abortion and the lives of women and children being used as cannon fodder for political agendas. I’m tired of males in positions of power using legislation to make women slaves to their biology and subsequently turning back the clock on all the progress we’ve made.

I am mostly tired of religion being used as an excuse for all of the above. I’m tired of the PTB taking away choice, access and privacy. I’m tired of women who are in positions of power to make a difference, to be in solidarity with their sisters world-wide: buying into the patriarchy that is enslaving us and killing us and making us chattel.

I am exhausted with contraception and family planning being thrown out the window, and then draconian laws instilled to deny pregnancy termination. If you do not want abortions to happen then why deny education, access and promotion of all things that come under the heading of Pregnancy Prevention? It makes no sense.

But it starts to make sense when you see it as a control issue and nothing to do with actual care and concern about the life of a child.


I can’t speak on El Salvador beyond this particular case. But I can speak about my country, and I can will tell you what I see.

I see men who spend their political lives, and their positions of power in the fight to end the legal choice to have an abortion. I see these same men taking advantage of that legal choice when it comes to their daughters, their wives, their lovers. I see hypocrisy.

I see people in power pushing to end the legal choice to have an abortion. I see these same people taking away funding, support systems and assistance to children across this nation. I see fighting for the fetus on one hand and ignoring living breathing women and children on the other.

I see anti-abortion people supporting the death penalty. Who advocate for war. Who call for the murder of specific human beings. Who do nothing against the violence that is meted out on children all over this country. Who vote to have resources taken away from children; resources that when not available put their health and lives at risk.

Life and the responsibility for it, the nurturing of it, the support of it, the cost of it does not begin and end with a fetus growing in a womb. If you are indeed for Life, then your own life must reflect that. The things you stand for, the policies you back, the legislation you vote for must be in tandem all the way down the line.

You must fight for the rights of every human being to live. Not just the unborn. Not just the children. Not just the adults. Not just the elderly. Every life, and at every stage of being.

This I don’t see. This I never see. And because I don’t see it, it tells me that it is indeed not about life, but about power and control.


Beatriz’s unborn child will not live. Her pregnancy threatens her life. Her government has sentenced her to die along with her child because the life saving medical procedure has been banned and rendered illegal with no exceptions. Her living, breathing infant child will be rendered motherless.

This is the End Game people.

This is where our country is headed.

I for one don’t want to see that happen. I don’t want to see Beatriz die, or have any more women end up like her anywhere on this planet.

Women of the World: What Say You?


I am a Buddhist. I have been of that Faith for more than half my life. I was raised a Pacifist. My parent’s religion (Quaker) dictated Peace and did not allow for any practicing members of that Faith to ever go to war, to be a part of ending the life of another human being.
You’ve heard of army brats, or war brats, right? Kids raised in countries overseas because one or both of their parents were stationed outside this country. I was a peace brat. My father conscientiously objected because of his religion and did Civil Service duty instead, which took us overseas.
I saw my parents standing up and living by the tenets of their faith. To be taught these things is one thing, to see my parents living by what they taught us is entirely another. Across the board, right down the line, in all things, they never wavered – their Way Of Life was always in tandem with their Faith.
You cannot even begin to know how that impacted my own life, and has made me the woman I am today. If my parents could do it, if I can do it, you can do it do.


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