Clenched Fist Felony

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If I was a billionaire I would set up a relocation program for all the Black people living in Florida. They could pick anywhere in the world they wanted to live, and I would set them up with housing, jobs, schools and a year’s financial package to help get them settled. My GTFO Foundation would be a world-wide network. It would be Teh Awesomest.

Because iCan’t with Florida right now.

iCan’t with cops and iCan’t with America. I’m DONE.


Here’s the headline and the article I got to wake up to this morning:

Tremaine McMillian, 14-year-old with puppy, choked by Miami Dade police over “dehumanizing stares”.

And yes, they are handing out felonies like candies to Black children Down There in Florida. But lets start from the beginning.

“Miami-Dade Police says officers were forced to throw a beach-going 14-year-old to the ground and forcibly restrain him because of clenched fists and “dehumanizing stares,” as first reported by CBS Miami.”

“McMillian’s family told news outlets they were enjoying the beach when the officers took exception to the way the teen had been roughhousing with a friend in the surf. McMillian says the officers drove up on an ATV and confronted him before leaping off and choking him. “He started choking me, and as he was choking me, I urinated on myself because I couldn’t breathe,” the teen told WSVN.”

Officers were forced to throw the teen to the ground and damn near choke him to death??? Forced exactly how??? I do not GET all this language used in reporting this incident. WTF???


First of all, I’ve spent years living and going to school in a beach community. People play, roughhouse, wrestle – whatever – on the beach and in the water, especially young boys. So I’m not seeing how police felt the need to intervene on normal beach play. I have a pretty good idea why they did, but I won’t say.


The officers then ordered Tremaine to take him to his Mom, and apparently they took umbrage to his body language and decided it was time for the body slam choke and arrest. I might give them the staring bit, but the clenched fist notsomuch:

“How could I be clenching my fists when I was taking care of my puppy and giving him some milk with a bottle?” McMillian asked CBS.

He said the puppy was injured when it wound up beneath him when he was taken by officers; it yelped when he touched one of its small legs on camera.”

I fear for the Black population of Miami-Dade if stares and imaginary clenched fists are enough to send members of their police force into a choking frenzy. I thought I was reading an onion article when I saw this explanation:

“”Of course we have to neutralize the threat in front of us,” he said. “And when you have somebody that is being resistant…that’s the immediate threat. At this point we’re not dealing or concerned with the puppy.””

Neutralize the threat in front of us???

They sound like they were facing an armed horde of orcs or something, not a rightfully upset 14-year-old kid walking towards his mom, cradling a puppy in his arms.

Why all the hopped up madness???

Those police saw no kid. They saw the ravening Big Black Beast that must be at all costs NEUTRALIZED. And what is with all this military speak anyway?? Oh right, I forgot. We are in the midst of a War on Black bodies – in particular Black Male Bodies Of Any Age.

Indignities are heaped upon us, unfairness chokes the life out of us, and when we express our reaction to that reality, not even with our voices – but with just our eyes or the tenseness in our bodies – we are punished for not taking it, not accepting it, for not being cowed.


“McMillian was charged with a felony count of resisting arrest with violence and disorderly conduct, according to Miami New Times.

At the Juvenile Justice Center, an Assistant Public Defender entered a plea of not guilty for McMillian. He also asked that the state reconsider the charges against McMillian. But Judge Maria DeJesus Santoveria declined to do that and said McMillian’s trial would start at 9 a.m. on July 16th.”

If you’ve been following my blog posts you will know from my discussions on Kiera Wilmot’s case the effect a felony conviction can have on a person. Aside from whatever jail time, felonies can never be removed from your record, and it affects your life from not being allowed to vote, to being legally discriminated against when trying to find housing, jobs and higher education.

Fourteen year’s old and his life is changed forever because he and his family were enjoying the beach on a Memorial Day weekend. Like everyday normal Americans.

I have not been able to bring myself to watch any of the footage of the incident Tremaine’s mom filmed from her cellphone. Way too much triggering and reading about this was enough to already break my heart, have me trembling and shaking in my home and mourning for My People In This Country.


If I had the privilege of being able to get away with tackling and choking anyone who rendered me with a dehumanizing stare or a clenched fist in my direction, I’d have ALL the WWE winning belts hanging on my wall.
But see, I wouldn’t go that route anyway. Because I’m a normal human being who doesn’t flip the eff out whenever someone looks at me funny. I don’t resort to violence. I am not that thin skinned.
My mind is still reeling over the “of course we had to neutralize the threat in front of us” thing. REALLY??? They are not even trying to hide their mindset anymore. This is just so awful and ridiculous.
Next we’ll be hearing how he waved his puppy in a threatening manner and just had to be taken down. Of Course.
Another Life Ruined.

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