Articulate Your Dreams


And I mean all kinds of Dreams.

The ones you have when you sleep.

The ones you have when you want change: I Have a Dream. Yeah those kinds.

The ones where you wish the fantastic, the impossible, the Truly Desired.

The ones that are ideas brought to you on gossamer wings of the velvet night. The ones that you turn into reality when you wake.


I believe that all sorts and all kinds of dreams and dreaming are very important. We don’t actually know what dreams are, but we know scientifically what they do. Dreams sort out the stuff in your brain subconsciously while you are asleep. There is a definite connection between your waking brain and the subconscious.

Which is why when people like me who are prone to insomnia – for whatever reasons – can go batshitcray if you start living on little to no sleep. You must dream to be healthy alive, and you must sleep in order to dream.

Everyone should have a Dream Journal. A notebook and pen, a laptop, whatever floats your boat – but somewhere where you can write down the dreams you remember – right when you wake up, before they fade. Why? Try it for a couple of months or so and you’ll see why.


When I say Articulate Your Dreams. I think I mean this. I think I mean that not only should you write down your dreams, but you should also articulate those other kinds of dreams too.

For example in my previous post I mention my GTFO Foundation. A world-wide network that helps Black people in America relocate so they can have better lives than the ones they are living now. It is pure fantasy. But watch and see just how quickly I actually make that foundation a real thing if/when I ever have means to do so. If never articulated, then never able to brought to fruition. Trust and believe the concept of a GTFO Foundation is articulated in high detail in my files.

However seemingly preposterous or fantastical or full of wishful thinking, I say articulate your dreams in as vivid detail as you can. I am still absolutely DYING over THIS POST from Crunkista of The Crunk Feminist Collective. This is exactly what I’m talking about. I have saved this link, and been reading it over and over and been sharing it around.

Because you know what? Because it has been articulated, because it has been formed into this world, who is to say that it hasn’t been done just as she Dreamed It So in the Future – because she put it out to the Universe here in the Present. <—If that hurt your brain, its ok, that is a very deep Buddhist concept, or if you like, a deep Quantum Physics concept – I’ve found that both are pretty much the same thing.


I have recently posted something that came to me in my dreams. Something that was in my head, has found its way to you Right Here and forever now on the menu bar of this blog. From Dream to Reality. Enjoy! I have found that a lot of Artists find inspiration and creativity from their dreams. And by Artists I mean those who Create.

I have a dream that I will Dance again. This coming from She Who Can Barely Walk at times, who’s body has gone from lean dancer’s lines to knotted squiggles layered in unwanted padding from medication and sedentary living that are by-products of the struggle with a mental illness. But I Dance in my dreams, my wishes and desires are articulated every time I fight against my circumstances. Because. I. Will. Dance. Again.

Articulate Your Dreams.

Tell them to the blank sheet of paper. Make files, reams, gigabytes of your dreams. Tell them to yourself over and over again. Articulate Your Dreams. Speak them to the airwaves, whisper them into your lover’s ear, speak them to the blogosphere, the twitterverse, the Ether – the Universe.

If you can think it, imagine it, dream it: It can happen.

Be ready for when the Opportunity Knocks.

Dreams Articulated are Power to Be Real.


International Space Station


Remember, all of the cool and fun stuff we’ve had in reality, used to be words on a page, or pixels on a screen. From flip phones to airplanes to yes: We Have A Fricken Space Station!! 
Advances and realities in the arts, medicine, science, social constructs and yes unfortunately the machines of war too, all used to be just thoughts whirling around in someone’s head. Dreams.
More of the good stuff, the fun stuff, the stuff that makes us Better Human Beings, the stuff that will take us to our next evolutionary pathway, the stuff that will Shine With Beauty: We need more of that in this world. So please, Articulate Your Dreams :)

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