The Weather Girls


Now that we’ve all recovered from Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones. Wait. WHO am I kidding?!? There has not been this much national crying since Mittens lost the 2012 election. This Week in Blackness had their morning podcast RUINED by GoT – certain show hosts were devastated – and I heard tell some people were even cancelling their HBO subscriptions. LAWD! The video reaction that won the internetz.

Reminds me of The Northridge Quake way back when. Watching the news and seeing Die Hard Californians ignoring reporters trying to interview them as they screeched their hastily packed cars on outta Dodge. They. Were. DONE. That’s not what prompted my exit from Cali – I’d already survived The Quake of ’89, yo! It was Los Angeles that did me in.

But I Digress.

100 104 106 106 104

What are those numbers you may ask? That is the 5-day forecast in Fahrenheit for Tucson Az. And June has barely gotten started. We usually have at least until sometime in July before the Triple Digits All In a Row usually kicks in. All that ended about five or six years ago. And this is about the third week of this madness.

Climate Change Is Real

Scientists usually say that you can’t gauge actual climate change by stuff like this, but I beg to differ. See there is something amazing that is supposed to happen every Summer out here. The Monsoons. I thought I was a G. Because I grew up in East Africa on the equator and I was used to “The Rainy Season”. Welp. I guess I’d forgotten what it was actually like, because my first Summer here 10 years ago, I freaked the heck on out. Talmbout having to run errands with ish like this happening:


Well for the last 5 or 6 years, we have not had anything that resembles a monsoon out here. Gone are the spectacular thunder and lightning that would accompany the deluge as the heavens would open up and let loose. Gone are The Five Seasons of Tucson.

The reason why I am alarmed about this, is well in case you didn’t know Southern AZ is a DESERT. It needs every drop of moisture that happens throughout the year, and the monsoons were integral to  the ecosystem out here. You know ish is bad when you have to water the cactus growing in your front yard, else it might curl up and DIE of thirst, poor thing.

But who’s going to water all the cacti in the Saguaro National Park?

saguaro national park dry

My AC unit is already protesting, and I may have to replace it. During the monsoons I used to have to put a bucket underneath the leak in my roof I’m always forgetting to get fixed. I haven’t had to bother with that bucket in yonks. Now I use it to throw water at my poor starving front yard cactus – cuz well I don’t have a garden hose. I mean I never needed one.

I leave you with the iconic Weather Girls and their (gay) anthem It’s Raining Men. If we can’t have water falling from the sky anymore, I’ll take the next best thing ;)


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