No Ess No Ette No Trix

The fight for gender equality continues. And sometimes it can get very exhausting or overwhelming with the scope of things that Must Be Changed. But there are little things you can do when the big picture can sometimes be too much.

No Ess

I try my best to never use words like actress, adulteress, adventuress, ambassadress, authoress and so on.

Because when you qualify things like that, you are saying that words like actor, adulterer, adventurer, ambassador and author default to male. And you have to make a distinction by using “ess” to indicate that the actor or author etc in question is female. Umm WHY?

Change the language, change the sich.

For Example: Actors are people who act regardless of gender. Adventurers are people who go on adventures regardless of gender. And so on.

Lawyeress sounds and looks ridiculous. So too should all the other ess words.

No Ette

I try my best to never use words like majorette, bachelorette, heck even suffragette gives me angst. But that was Back In The Day so…

A drum major or a parade major is someone who leads the band or the parade no matter what their gender is. A bachelor should be just an unmarried person no matter the gender, but our society has deemed it so that if I use the word bachelor to mean a female unmarried person everyone gone get confused. Oh Well.

Ette is borrowed from the French language (I think). It is often used in English to indicate a smaller, maybe more feminine, but certainly slightly different from the normal word it is attached to.

For example: Diner/dinette, launderer/launderette, kitchen/kitchenette, novel/novelette.

I don’t want to be pointed out as being smaller, feminine and slightly different when there is absolutely no need for allathat.

Doctorette sounds and looks ridiculous. So too should all the other ette words.

No Trix

I try my best to never use words like benefactrix, administatrix and my all time favorite: aviatrix.

An aviator is a person who flies planes or aircraft regardless of gender.

Most of the trix words are no longer in use, but you know aviatrix just never seems to fade away like the rest of the others. Le SIGH.

The whole trix thing is played out. Ancient English: Just stoppit!

No Lady No Girl No Female

I flip out when I see and hear things like “lady cop” or “that lawyer girl” or “female doctor”. There is a reason we now say “firefighter” instead of “fireman”.

We live in a world now where not all cops, doctors, lawyers, firefighters, pilots, scientists, judges, politicians, cab drivers, construction workers, authors, actors etc are male.

I tried to list occupations that are often qualified as indicated at the beginning of this post. I also tried to list occupations that are in “traditionally” male dominated fields.

When women started entering those fields we decided we had to make up words with ess, ette and trix, when there was simply no need for that. We are not stuck back in bygone eras where it was absolutely a NEW THING or UNHEARD OF to have females doing stuff that was once considered male-only stuff.

Like adventuring, flying planes and building houses.

Our language should now reflect our present reality.

I’m also not into the cutesy stuff like “shero” or “heroine”. Also, when you pronounce heroine it sounds like a fricken DRUG so ewwww nothanks stoppit goodbye!

A hero is a hero regardless of gender.



Swiffer Misses the Point. But thankfully and because of Us Fighting The Good Fight and Everyday Heroes who said Oh Hell Nawl they came to their senses. The fight for gender equality continues.


Change the language, change the sich.

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