My Fabulous Flawless FLOTUS


What story is that you ask? Why, This One Right Here. You should read the whole thing. Luvvie doesn’t mince any words. As per usual, the comments at Awesomely Luvvie are not to be missed either.

People gon learn that folks got limits. According to the Washington PostMichelle Obamawas speaking at a private fundraiser when a lesbian activist named Ellen Hurtz kept interrupting her. She wanted POTUS Obama to sign an anti-discrimination executive order.

Wells, that wasn’t the time for her to be showing out and clearly, FLOTUS wasn’t here (nor there nor anywhere) for that. So she left where she was standing and stood in front of the woman and said:

“One of the things that I don’t do well is this. Do you understand? Listen to me or you can take the mic, but I’m leaving. You all decide. You have one choice.”

OOP!!! Like a REAL G! Apparently, people asked Michelle to stay and Ellen was showed the door, and I hope given the suggestion that it better not hit her where the good Lord split her. Cuz… WELP. And afterwards, the lady talmbout she was “taken aback” by Michelle stepping to her because she paid $500 to be there.

Then ish got real special when CodePink decided it was ok to school the First Lady of the United States of America on how she should have responded to being interrupted and heckled. You can read the tweets and all the delish RIGHT HERE.

And I do mean “right” – because that links some right leaning blog or other. But they packaged up the whole incident so nicely, I’m going to go ahead and let them get hits and bask in the glory of doing all the work for me. I hain’t even had to go searching around every damn where for all the back and forth on twitter.

And also, like I’ve said before, its good to read all sides of every story from as many perspectives as possible. This site isn’t on the level of say faux news or anything. It seems to be a sort Daily Kos but right leaning instead of left.

One of the offending tweetsFLOTUS should have been coached, long ago, on how to deal diplomatically w ppl who stand up to protest govt policies


Cutting through the hype. What REALLY HAPPENED from someone who was actually right there in the room. Eyewitness report etc.

Ankhesen Mie over At The Bar writes It’s Not the Same Thing and again, the comments are not to be missed.

Which was a response to THIS REACTION to the whole situation.

The self identified lesbian protestor started yelling about the need for the President to sign an executive order so she can have her ”federal equality” before she dies.

Well, whoopee fuckin’ deal. Bitch I been wanting all my life to be equal in my country of birth, get in line. Yelling at the President or his wife would have gotten my black lesbian ass locked up in jail. You just got escorted out which was nothing more than another example of white privilege in America.



Usually I have more to say on a subject like this, but pretty much everyone has said anything I would have wanted to say about it. And, I’m going to tap out to my allergies and call this a “lazy post” and let those other excellent writers do their thang.

The biggest problem that I have had in this post-racial era of Barack Obama, our first black president, is the incredible level of disrespect hurled daily at the President and his family.

It’s not just the bigots, the avowed racists who hate everything black or brown. It’s the alleged supporters of the Obamas. So called Democrats and phony liberals who feel that they can talk to and treat the first family as any nigga down the block that they happened to run across in the street.

It’s not racism, it’s white privilege, the same demeanor that makes white people think they can feel my hair or imitate me to my face because they think it’s funny and doesn’t fit the normal in which they surround themselves. (source)


Then of course CodePink has now issued An Apology. Some folks on twitter weren’t feeling it tho.

CodePink tweeted: This twitter exchange has launched a critical discussion we aim to be part of, on the responsibility & intersections between issues of race

Someone responded: NO. NO. NO. this “discussion” has been going on for decades and *you* never bothered to be a part of it.

And another: Actually what this has “launched” is your clear and present failure as an ally to persons of color


I am the go-to chica today aren’t I? Here are some other links from other peeps around the web who had plenty to say on the subject.

Racialicious: Open Thread. The comments there are of interest too.

RawStory: GetEqual Defends Heckler.

PolicyMic: White Lady Heckles FLOTUS – What Happens Next is Something Black Women Know All Too Well.


Moral of the story: Don’t come for Michelle when she ain’t send for you.
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