Critical Updates

First and foremost: Beatriz LIVES!

The young El Salvadoran wife and mother who needed a life saving abortion was allowed to have a premature C-Section. The Inter-American Court of Human Rights issued a non-binding resolution ordering El Salvador to save Beatriz’s life.

You say abortion I say C-Section. If semantics saved her life then YAY.

There are lots of issues surrounding this one case that are not in any way shape or form solved. And I might write a post about them sometime, if I can keep from going on a crazed rant like the first time I tried to. But I will say this.

I was hard pressed to find a headline that did not emphasize the fact that her baby died. Well this whole situation came to be around the Already Ascertained FACT that the fetus was non-viable. That if it should even make it to term without dying inside her womb, the child would not survive. To be clear: The baby had no brain and no brain stem. So there was absolutely no chance of survival.

I don’t like the bent of some of those headlines. Sort of hinting that well maybe her baby could have lived. I really hate what is now in place of journalism these days. Makes me sick to my stomach.


Secondly: WE HIT THE GOAL!!! 

The Kickstarter campaign to garner funds for the White Like Me film reached its goal and then some. THANK YOU to everyone who donated, spread the word and ROCKED it on out! There are still 9 More Days to Go so CLICK HERE and donate if haven’t had a chance. I see nothing wrong with adding on a cushion for the Just In Case stuff that we all know will arise with projects like these.


I finished Merlin. I was sad to see it all end, and while I was entertained throughout the series, I was bummed about a few things.

I won’t get too spoilerific for any still finishing up, but I wanted Merlin to have more time to enjoy the reveal of who he really was. I kinda figured they’d leave it all to the last minute and jam it into the last few epis, and that made me sad to see that they indeed, did.

Stuff that caught my eye:

The most escapingest dungeon EVAR lol They should have just installed revolving doors on all the cells and just been done with it ROFL.

The whole thing with the baby dragon. I just didn’t get it. First to have it be a male dragon, well whoops end of the line for the dragon kind all over again! And then the whole thing with Morgana and it being tortured and whatever and it couldn’t speak WTF?? There was so much “OMG I’m the last dragon evarrrr boohooo” and then he just leaves the hatchling to fend for itself? Total waste of a dragon. Sad to see it.

Mordred must truly be magical because he went from a 10 year kid – at the most, I figured he was more like 8 – to being some dude in his 20’s in like three year’s time. Or maybe it was five years. But STILL. I couldn’t figure out the math on that one.

The marriage between Arthur and Gwen was supposed to an epic love throughout the ages. But once they got hitched it was like ho hum we don’t even kiss anymore and no mention of any heirs either. Total waste of the chemistry between those two actors.

There’s more but whatever. The writing over all was not that good, there were character arc fails, and story arc fails always all the time. I let them go because the overall product was entertaining, but I think those fails led to most of the faint disappointment I felt when it was all over.


Still marching along with Criminal Minds. I had thought the show was cancelled, but apparently it was renewed for its NINTH season early this past May. I’m just starting out on season 6, and I’m still remember stuff from when I was watching it way back when… so I haven’t gotten to the part where it’s all new to me yet.

I heard the spin off sucked, and I just watched the kick off/crossover episode this past weekend. Too bad, because I’m a huge Forest Whitaker fan. I think its first and only season of 13 episodes is on Netflix instant watch. I may check it out for myself. But being canceled like that doesn’t bode well.

I’m still a die hard Garcia fan, and the relationship between her and Derek has yet to disappoint. The writing was a bit rocky in the beginning seasons, but got better. Sometimes an episode will be lazy and tropey and I’ll be yelling at my screen “Ok the Bad Writing Crew was on staff for this one!” But overall pretty decent. It could be smarter, and it could be faster paced. But for a cop procedural with such a large ensemble cast, not bad at all.


Game of Thrones. WELP! The season ender was a huge anti-climax from last week’s episode which damn near killed off half of the HBO watching audience along with their favorite characters lol.

I’m a huge Khaleesi fan, but the whole blonde white chick coming to the rescue of the all the darkie slaves is getting on my nerves. Maybe that’s how it was in the books. I don’t know. We need more screen time, preferably topless and wet for my soon to be ex concubine Daario Naharis. Just Sayin.


It’s gettin HOT in here…. rumor has it we will hit 110 degrees sometime this week…. YIKES.


Got any cool updates to share? Can be absolutely ANYthing :)

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