Just One Person


I am a radical activist.

Not the marching, speeching, protesting with signs kind of radical activist, although I have been there done that during my lifetime.

The simple fact that I am alive, still breathing, beaten upon yet unbowed is radical.

My activism happens when I walk out my front door and interact in everyday American spaces – living my life is activism.

Out in the heat and sunlight of the Southwest desert, making my brown skin browner and my afro curls so shiny and soft and unapologetic… radical activism.


When I write here, when I talk there, when I share who I am, and what my life has been, is, and will be.

If just one person Wakes Up and comes to an understanding, and empathy of a life lived that is not their own, I am well satisfied.

Because I know that no one person is an island, even myself who is more self-isolated than the average bear – and I know mathematics and I know exponential potential.

Because one life changed, one life Woken Up equals so many more doing the same. We are gregarious creatures at heart, and messages heard and lessons learned are shared and passed on.


Butterfly Effect

If just one person is changed by their life touching mine then Truth never dies and Wisdom wins and my gossamer butterfly wings fluttering here become hurricanes and tsunamis over there and further down the line in space and time.

Live a life with no regrets.

Can you do it?

Are you that One Person who Understands who see’s through eyes wide and heart open and who Shares what you have experienced so it flows and never stops like how my heart beats and circulates my blood that is tugged by the waxing of the moon?


It doesn’t have to be me, it can be someone else, or I can simply be a station on the underground railroad that connects blog to blog, person to person.

It takes just one person to stand up, to stand for something, to stand against something, to plant the seeds of change.


We are all connected. When something good happens over there, the effects are going to ripple on over to here. When something bad happens somewhere far away, or out of your realm of experience, if left unchecked those ripples too will affect your life in a matter of course.

I talk about the little things as well as the big things. Because I know all too well that those big things used to be little things. You can die from a hundred cuts just as you can from a single blade shoved through your heart.


Women of America. Guess what? We are not a minority. We haven’t been for some time now. We have 4.8 million more females than males in America. Think about that for a minute. We have the numbers to exert Changes For The Better for Women and Girls in This Nation.

And yet…

Why are we still not getting paid equally?

Why are nearly all the positions of power predominantly taken by males?

Why are all-male panels responsible for legislating and creating laws and policies that directly – and usually adversely – affect women and girls?

Why is the United States of America a rape culture?


I’ll tell you why. The same tactics used to keep POC in their place have been used to keep women in their place.


That ripple effect I mentioned. It has become a flood, a deluge a veritable waterfall of epic proportions.

I was thoroughly appalled and disgusted at the recent kerfluffle that exposed Facebook as a corporation that continues and fosters rape culture in America. Appalled and disgusted, but not surprised in the least.

And look at the monumental effort that was needed to make FB even consider actually backing up its own TOS. And indeed nothing was done until those activist groups targeted the advertisers, and they started removing their revenue.

Empathy didn’t work, calling for common decency didn’t work, but start taking away profits and they started to sit up and take notice. Whatever works, but you should take note on WHAT worked and what didn’t. Knowledge is power.


It is also hard to live in a society and avoid becoming conditioned to its pathologies.

For those reasons, it is not only to assert our power and become at least equally represented, but to be very careful about the women we choose to be our advocates, our allies.

There are plenty of women in positions of power who’s track record is even worse than their male counterparts. The koolaid is very tasty, and so vetting is key when it comes time to Flip The Script.

And also why men should speak out about sexism, misogyny, and rape culture:

Because solidarity. Men speaking up are choosing solidarity with the side of change and against the side of sexism and misogyny. If men don’t say anything, it sounds like they agree by default — or are at least not concerned enough to take those two steps up onto the soapbox. And it also sends a message to those rank, rancid assholes — “I’m not on your side.”

(Sidenote: that’s actually a thing about being a white dude. You sometimes get other white dudes coming up to you and in apparent confidence they start spilling racist or sexist shit like,without even knowing you. And when you react poorly they get this look like, “Ohhh, oooh, you’re one of them. See, I thought because we both had these KKK robes for skin we could talk about stuff like this but apparently you’re a Pod Person gotta go.”)

We don’t want the behaviors of this septic culture to become or seem normalized. If we’re quiet about it, we contribute to the normalization of misogyny or any of the other cultural poisons.

Women of America, it is time to step up.

Men of America, it is time for you to step up in solidarity with us.

This isn’t about politics or party lines or any of that. Because if you let yourself be defined and hampered by that sort of thinking, then you become voiceless and part of the problem and not the solution.

The hardest thing to do in this country is vote for your self interests. Figure out how to do it.


Set ourselves up for the future. Put your daughters, your granddaughters, your nieces, your moms, your grandmother’s on the tracks towards being eligible for positions of power.

What do I mean by that? Education is very key.


Consider how the top echelon positions in government and other seats of power in this country ended up being nearly all male. Sometimes there isn’t even the option to choose a female, because they are simply not there.

They have not been tracked since they were children towards those goals. Our society works in ways to sideline, ignore and push aside and make it tremendously difficult for women and girls to get on the fields of play, much less be equal when they get there.

It will be difficult. Culture shifts and paradigm changes don’t happen without a lot of hard work, concentration, focus and planning for the future.

Do what you can to promote women and girls into the male dominated fields of science and technology, politics and governing, law making and medicine.

So we won’t have to facepalm because a female IRS Director giggles and says she’s not good at math.


A grown woman, in a position of power, in a male dominated field, one who’s whole existence is based on numbers and mathematics lets fly with the “females aren’t good at math” stereotype. Why would something like that happen?

Again, I say: It is hard to avoid being tainted with the mores and pathologies of the society we live in. She obviously fought against them, and triumphed to some degree, but in a moment of stress revealed a little of how she has internalized the misogyny that is endemic and rampant in our society.

Don’t get mad, get informed, and start doing what is needed to combat this sort of thing, and to change our society.

It is not impossible.

It takes just one person.

graph exponential growth

That person will in turn influence one other person, and that person will encourage another person, and that person will inspire yet another person, and that person will get another person to stand up and now there five people and then ten and then twenty and then forty and then a 4.8 million woman march on Washington.


Just one person.


Will you add your voice to mine? Will you inspire one more voice to join the chorus? Will the walls come tumbling down? 
Because we know that Just One Person is actually One Million People, because we know the math. Giggle on THAT.
PS this new WP dashboard sucks.

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