Got Twitter?

twitter bird

I do :)

Yep, I finally decided to sign on up.


Follow me if ya wanna!

Thanks for your encouragement and poll taking ;) Now I’m stuck with a conundrum. I haven’t been on twitter since way back when around the first year of its existence. Things have changed a lot since then! So I’m a rookie all over again, but I suppose that could be a good thing too.

People have many reasons for snagging applications like twitter and other social media. Mine are pretty specific. I’ve noticed that a lot of people use their “@” handle as their internet presence name/primary way of being contacted. I kind of like that concept.

Not to mention I like studying the phenomenon that is human interaction however it happens. I’ve watched twitter evolve from its humble beginnings into something quite fascinating and probably not even any where near what its creator imagined it would become.

Back in the day on my first twitter account, I got to see some of the paradigm changes up close and personal. I was still doing the TV thing, and I was also a CNN addict, sad to say. One of the anchors used twitter in part of his segments, and I not only got see my tweet on screen during a national broadcast, but the anchor mentioned my handle and responded to what I’d written.

Not only watching the news, but part of the news broadcast itself. For those of us old enough to have experienced life when ubiquitous things like the internet and cell phones were non-existent, the concept of media interaction on that level can be mind-blowing.

With these new paradigms there always comes a price. There is good mixed in with the bad. However, I’ve seen social media campaigns that effected actual CHANGE for the good, and I am well aware of the power of the internet and the tools we use within it. Some wield that power wisely, and use it to help augment true justice in the world, others use it to spew hate and ignorance.

But I’ll tell you this.

Forget all the deep musing claptrap.

I’m happy to be back on twitter ;)

Cuz there are people out there in the world like Todrick Hall who do random awesome things like the video below. Enjoy!




Got Twitter? You can tweet me directly from the twitter thingy on the sidebar of this blog. And/or you can go ahead and give me your handle via comments of you like. I’ll follow ya!

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