Beautiful Love


This post is threefold.

One. To help dispel the myth, the propaganda that Black people don’t like LGBT people. First of all, monolith. I’ll go out on a limb and say most Black people are ok with homosexuality and are a huge part of the fight for equal rights for LGBT people. And yes, there are some Black people who aren’t. There are a lot of gay people who also happen to be Black. We also understand what it is to not be considered equal under the laws of this country.

For every Black pastor or church leader that the media hypes up as he spits hate and vitriol towards the LGBT community there are 20 more quietly preaching love from their pulpits and marrying gay couples where it is legal for them to do so. Don’t believe the media hype. Their track record when it comes to Black people is already abysmal at best. Know the Truth.

Two. As part of my continued rebuttal against aspersions cast on the First Lady after the incident when her speech was interrupted by a LGBT protester. The first president in the history of our nation to work so hard towards equal rights and protections under the law for gay people, with the support of his first lady also happens to be the first Black president. Click HERE to see what President Barack Obama has done for LGBT Americans.

Three. To express and share Beautiful Love. That is my right as an ally to the LGBT community and I’ll do it whenever, wherever and as often as I can.


Black Lesbian Beach Wedding


Traditional South African Gay Wedding

“Being gay is as African as being Black”


Beautiful Black Gay Wedding



Celebrate Love!

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