No Country For Real Men

American men are ravening beasts with no self control and women and girls need to arm themselves so as to not fall prey to these predatory monsters.

To any American males who might be reading this, that sentence up there should make you highly offended. Or upset. Or angry. Or slightly miffed. ANYTHING.

I want you to see how I view the world sometimes. If I go by mainstream media, the fodder from our entertainment industrial complex, the internet and social media etc etc etc that is the conclusion I’m going to come up with.

Don’t get offended at ME.

It is time for you, the decent, awesome, empathetic, REAL American men to start getting offended at your contemporaries, your counterparts, the men responsible for the correct and rightful conclusions that I come to every day.

Conclusions that tell you to arm your daughter before sending her off to college because campuses are not so much bastions of learning, but cesspits of predators and rapists and she needs to protect herself from becoming one of their victims

armed woman

you came here to get an education? good luck with that.

Conclusions that tell women to go get a gun and learn how to use it, because, well you have a 1 in 3 potential during your ENTIRE lifetime to run afoul of an abusive, predator who is going to attack you. So you be better be ready to defend yourself.

But we won’t tell you to watch out for your boyfriend, your husband, your uncle, your male study buddy, your military commanding officer, your best friend who happens to be male and/or any one of his buddies because rape, harassment and abuse happens from scary strangers popping out of the bushes, no, not anyone one in your life you actually know, trust and love.

don't attack me

My conclusions tell me that American males aren’t responsible for the things they do. That they just can’t help it. That they have no control over their own behavior. That boys will be boys. That should I even try to bring responsibility to bear, I will get little to no help or support from the authorities, the powers that be, the people and organizations of society that are put there supposedly to protect me, and to bring to justice anyone who hurts me.

The conclusions that I have come to tell me that the ravening monsters are not only found on my television or movie screens, that we are already living in the apocalypse and it isn’t zombies but American males and are my katanas sharpened at all times?

armed Michonne

My conclusions tell me that it is a free for all out there, and I am the target, the intended victim, and I also know that there aren’t any decent, American men out there, because I don’t see any, I don’t hear any, the silence is deafening me.

I can easily come to the conclusion that I have to raise my daughters to understand the reality of the first sentence of this post. That she needs to learn how to protect herself, to get armed, to take self defense classes, to be hyper-vigilant, to never trust anything or anyone male in her life, no matter how normal they might seem on the surface, because the minute she lets down her guard she will be raped and maybe also killed, so lock and load punkin.

armed girl

My country tis of thee sweet land of liberty unless you are female, because you are a prisoner to your gender and you have to do things like walk around with hard plastic dentata devices shoved up your vagina because well the ravening rapist monsters who have no control over themselves.

Stop for a minute and think about that. This is a real thing. Someone went through the time and expense of creating an anti rape device. You understand how that looks from over here. Did those people who created that thing stop to teach their sons not to rape? Did they do their utmost to raise their children contrary to the rape culture they are steeped in from the second they take their first breath?

anti rape device

Here’s a clue. The most effective anti rape device is YOU. Yes you, the decent American male who understands about sexism, misogyny, who doesn’t view women and girls as lesser, as objects, as alien beings, who doesn’t rape. Who stands up to his ravening monster peers and makes them STOP.

Who shuts down the boys will be boys atmosphere that happens when he’s out with his buddies, or over at his pal’s house gaming. Who shuts down the catcalls, the foul locker room talk, who gets help for his sister who’s living with an abusive husband. Miss me with anti rape devices: Jigga PLEASE. Are you for serious?

My conclusions tell me I have to buy the anti rape panties that electrocute your rapist and also give money and support to the males who thought again its all about what WE wear not about THEIR behavior that needs to be upgraded and worked on.

My dress is too long, too short, why were you wearing a dress anyways, its so much more easier access. I suppose women and girls need to wear suits of armor the way things are portrayed out here. Cover up! Wear less revealing clothes, no makeup, don’t go out to a night club or even out to the movies, you know what just stay at home and you’ll be safe.

I’ll tell you one piece of information I bet you didn’t know. In the countries where women wear the burqas the niqabs –  those items of clothing that covers their hair, and on down to their ankles with only their eyes showing, if they show anything at all, yes even gloves so no skin but what little you can see surrounding the eyes.


Well those women wearing that kind of clothing, and the only time they are even allowed out of their homes is to go to market to get food for the household. Well guess what, those women are harassed, cat-called, groped, abused and even attacked. SO NO ITS NOT WHAT WE WEAR IT IS MALE BEHAVIOR THAT NEEDS TO BE LOOKED AT.

The epitome of modest clothing. The epitome of modest behavior. And still can’t catch a break. The same version of what’s happening over there, happens over here every damn day and why are you making it all about us anyway? American males are the ones perpetrating these crimes, so American males need to be the ones to step up and put a stop to it.


Where are the REAL American men?

Stand up and be counted.

Like this post, reblog this post, pass it along, comment your support, retweet, DO THIS. 

Because my conclusions tell me that there are little to no men out there who even give a flying. Their silence reeks of collusion.

You may have thought this is a women’s issue.

It is not. It is a man’s issue. 

Because guess what? Women have been fighting against this FOREVER, fighting back, organizing, marching, petitioning, suing, hey in some countries we’ve had to resort to acts of desperation: chopping off heads, castration, and hanging men for their rapist offenses.

And yet. Still. Rape culture persists. In this country. And all over the globe.

So that tells me that we cannot end this alone. 

Real Men need to Stand Up in solidarity with their daughters, their wives, their sisters, their nieces, their mothers, their grandmothers, their aunts – and STOP this nonsense.

Put and END to it.

The ball has been lobbed to your side of the court hundreds and hundreds of years ago, and yes just last week, and oh five minutes ago.

What are you going to do?


America: No country for women and girls to live in safety.
Where are you my REAL American males? Speak up. Speak out. Be an anti rape device. Shut it down. Stop those ravening beasts in their tracks.
Be counted among those who are part of the solution, not part of the problem with the SILENCE that has been killing us.
Like this post, reblog this post, pass it along, comment your support, retweet, DO THIS.


UPDATES: I’m going to put additional info here as it comes to me.

Breaking Tradition: Men in Malawi move to fight gender based violence. Really great to see some of my African brothers stepping up to the plate.

The Malawian non-government organization (NGO), Men for Gender Equality Now, is challenging the male stereotype by working to end violence against women. They are focusing on men as the agents of change.

Men in Malawi have been considered part of the problem of violence against women because of cultural attitudes that assume male superiority. Besides Malawi, a similar initiative is being implemented in other African countries including Uganda, Tanzania, and Zambia.

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4 Responses to No Country For Real Men

  1. Aimee says:

    Love this! Whenever I get one of those Facebook posts that tells me how I can protect myself from rape, I just want to scream. I was raped in the home of a trusted friend. I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. It was broad daylight. I was sober. It was the man’s fault, not mine in any way. Yet, when I tell my story there’s always at least a hint of “well, if you had only….” I KNOW there are good American men out there. They are indeed very quiet.

    • Awake BW says:

      YUP. My response to ish like that is 5 words: How About You Stop Raping. But no, apparently that never occurs to anyone. Zerlina Maxwell went on national television with those 5 words and guess what she got for her trouble? Rape threats, cyberbullying, harassment and yes: death threats too.

      Where is her male counterpart? Why didn’t droves of the decent supportive American males I keep hearing about but never see or hear FROM come out of the woodwork in support of Zerlina and against those who were so violently attacking her?

      And yeah, Aimee, your experience echoes mine, and millions of other women and girls. Parents spend so much time telling their kids about “stranger danger” and nothing about who the real predators are, and where they can be found. They are setting up their kids, especially girls and the women they will become to be unwitting victims. I hate that with all my heart.

      Where are the real men ready to stand up to their peers? Hey guys! Where are ya?

  2. Jenny Cecilia says:

    unfortunately it’s not only the American men…: /

    • Awake BW says:

      Ahh YES, Jenny. I know that with all my heart too. I am an American woman, so I’m starting there. I know our blogs get readers and followers from around the world, so I’m also happy to hear from and get solidarity from MEN OF THE WORLD as well:

      Speak out. Stand up. We’re listening. Where are you?

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