Zimmerman Trial Predictions


I don’t do TV so I haven’t been watching. Judging from what I’ve gleaned from twitter and articles on the web, its the circus I knew it would be. For those who want to watch it live streaming on the internet CLICK HERE. I’ve only managed to watch a total of two or three minutes. It is just too much for me to handle right now.

My predictions for the outcome of the trial are not actually predictions. I don’t have any predictions, actually. I just wanted to have an attention grabbing headline. Sue me, I’m not the national media or the press, I can do what I wanna up here on my bloggity.

But I will tell you this:

We live in a world where a Black law enforcement officer gets jumped by four white police officers, then shot by all four of them 28 times. Because he doesn’t have the decency to die, he gets charged with the attempted murder of the four people who shot him up all to hell. He gets tried TWICE and the the second go around is the charm and he ends up in prison with what is essentially a life sentence. He’s in his sixties and he’s given 40 years. CLICK HERE for more info on how you can help free Howard Morgan.

We live in a world where articles of clothing are criminalized.

We live in a world where we idealistically believe that the punishment should fit the crime. And yet a trial is going on now hashing out over minutiae in order to acquit a person who everything else aside, did in fact hunt down, confront and kill an unarmed kid.

A kid is dead. That is a fact. Who killed the kid? Well that would be the guy charged with second degree murder. I guess we will all be treated to the reasons why that kid deserved to be shot and killed and left in the wet grass like yesterdays garbage while his killer got to go home to his family.

We live in a world where that happens.

That’s why I can’t watch the trial.

That’s why I have no predictions.

That’s why whatever the verdict I won’t be surprised.


Justice will be done or it won’t.

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6 Responses to Zimmerman Trial Predictions

  1. Jenny Cecilia says:

    “A kid is dead. That is a fact. Who killed the kid? Well that would be the guy charged with second degree murder. I guess we will all be treated to the reasons why that kid deserved to be shot and killed and left in the wet grass like yesterdays garbage while his killer got to go home to his family.
    We live in a world where that happens.” you nailed it very well here. the danger is when one grows numb to such arguments like the ones we will here again during the trial, and unfortunately we are still here, walking on the spot and pretending we are moving forward.

    • Awake BW says:

      that is my fear too. I see people in their tweets and on their blog posts casually writing “The Trayvon Martin Trial”. hmmm no its the Zimmerman Trial because Trayvon the victim is dead and not the one on trial here. Although you wouldn’t know it from all the media hype surrounding this case. Murdered and still being vilified. This whole thing makes me sick to my stomach.

  2. The Last Mile says:


    I happened by your blog and can’t say that I disagree with the perception. You seem genuine in your writing is the reason I decided to post. I’m an older white male. I grew up Birmingham, AL, I was 10 years old when Bull Conner was the Sheriff, in a racist family and racist community where the “N” word was used frequently and Black people were viewed as the “scum of the earth” and somehow less of a human being than White people. On my 16th Birthday I flew the coop and never went back home. I got a job and put myself through High School and eventually College. Times were very tough for me! Not too long after I left home and got an apartment there was a knock on my door from a male friend and co-worker of mine who happened to be Black. His folks had kicked him out of the house; he had no place to go. After a few days of stating with me we decided we could live together and split the bills (he was in College). Over the next 2 and a half years of living with my friend, I learned all about Black people, Black culture and the Black community in general. After he graduated with his degree he got a job out of State and moved out. We kept in touch for years before he married and had a family and we began to communicate less and less as time passed. I learned a few years ago that he passed. To this day I have more Black friends than White friends!

    It seems to me that since the Bull Conner years, we in America still live in the Great American Divide. Black people and White people have demonstrated over the years that WE CAN (yes we can!) live together in society, work together, go to school together, worship together and have mutual respect for one another.

    The BIG Divide, in my view, is NOT through disrespect for one another but specifically a mis-understanding of the culture of each of our races, respectively! In other words, the evolution of time has forged a mutual respect between our races where we can co-exist together in mutual harmony.

    Still you have a minority of skinheads and racist White people who are never going to change and will always dislike Black people because they are Black. Likewise, you still have a minority of Black people who are racist and dislike White people because they are White, who are never going to change. I call these 2 groups of people the Fringe minority because WE as a majority of Black and White have pushed these 2 groups to the fringe where the majority of us left in the middle respect each other, are friends with each other and live together in harmony.

    While the majority of us can and do live together in harmony, it is the cultural mis-understanding that separates Black and White. White people have no desire to learn Black culture and Black people have no desire to learn White culture and the reason is simple: We are all busy living our lives, we all chooses to live our lives in our own culture, which is typically the way we were raised as kids. In other words, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink the water! This is the last mile and I have to say that I don’t see us as a society completing the last mile during my lifetime, if ever.

    The Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman case is a very good example of what happens because we both (Blacks and Whites) do not understand the culture of each other.

    Please allow me to give 2 brief circumstances to compare each culture, respectively. While there are dozens of cultural differences, I’m going to try to get close on these 2, so please give me a break here. In some areas of Black communities, we know our neighbors really well, when we get home from work and school, we call them by first name, we socialize with our neighbors, we hang out in our community and on our streets, we allow our children to do the same, even after dark because we know our neighbors and we trust them. That’s how we raise our children. In White communities, often, we DO NOT know our neighbors, we may not even be able to tell you our neighbor’s name, when we get home from work and school we go inside, we let our children play outside until dark, once its dark it’s time to go inside, doesn’t mater how old you are, that’s how we raise our children.

    In this case, we have a Black child living like he normally does, if you will, the way he was raised, outside after dark. A White man driving through his neighborhood after dark observes this child outside after dark, in the rain, and believes there is something wrong with this, after all, that is the way he was raised.

    Hence, the Big Divide while we travel the last mile and wait on the time of evolution to provide the cultural understanding that both Blacks and Whites need to prevent these tragedies. Sadly, it’s just a matter of time before the next tragedy.

    • Awake BW says:

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!
      I do want to point something out to you tho: “Black people have no desire to learn White culture” While we may not have a particular desire to learn white culture, we actually HAVE to do so. To not understand and be cognizant of the dominating culture ie white culture can be severely detrimental to us, and in many cases life threatening.

      We – not the monolithic we, but the majority of Black people we – understand and have learned white culture very well. We know more about you than you probably think we do. In order to survive, just survive, we must know. In order to prosper we must know even better.

      “A White man driving through his neighborhood after dark observes this child outside after dark, in the rain, and believes there is something wrong with this, after all, that is the way he was raised.”

      Perhaps, maybe. But then to have that white man hunt down, confront and kill said child… well you tell me what that means. Is that part of white culture too? Must eliminate everything that goes contrary – is observed as being “wrong” – to white culture? Why then didn’t he just shrug and go on about his own business? Trayvon Martin was murdered over more than just a cultural misunderstanding.

      Not to mention that GZ has had a documented habit of following and calling the police on Black children walking down the street. In broad DAYLIGHT. To him, Black male kids are not suspicious because of time and place and weather and what they may be doing, they are suspect because of who they are. That they exist and are alive and walking around in their brown skin.

      Trayvon’s father had to file a missing person report, and went THREE DAYS not knowing what happened to his son. Why would that be? Don’t police departments canvas a neighborhood after a murder has been committed there? Well they assumed as GZ assumed that this Black kid did not belong where he was, and therefore there was no need to go around trying to find his family in that gated community. That is not on the level of a cultural misunderstanding.

      That is racial bias and bigotry backed by a system of power. ie racism.

      A cultural misunderstanding is bringing a pumpkin pie to your Black neighbor’s holiday cookout, because you didn’t realize that sweet potato pie is where its at. Being able to commit murder in cold blood and then go home to your family that same night, not arrested and not charged with any crime… well that is something else entirely.


  3. Ovid Dillard says:

    I predict a hung jury. Five women voting innocent and one women voting guilty.the person who votes guilty will be the women with eight children

    • Awake BW says:

      Interesting. That woman who has eight children is Hispanic. The one person on that jury who might identify on an extra level with GZ would be the one to find him guilty. The woman with eight children, not the woman who has no kids. Ok. Interesting.

      To be sure I had not considered a hung jury, simply because the whole painful mess would have to dragged on and on all over again. Hung jury = mistrail = lets try the case all over again. I just don’t want to think about that happening. There’s only so much I can take.

      But thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

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