This Bill Gave Me LYFE


Women Fight Back: Ohio Bill Makes Erectile Dysfunction Her Business.

Captain Welpy McWelperson of the good ship WelpittyWELP.

To whit:

“You want to regulate our ovaries, uteri and order us to carry state-mandated children? Well, fine. We want to regulate your erectile dysfunction.

That’s the message of state Democratic Senator Nina Turner’s erectile dysfunction bill in Ohio (SB307). The bill is meant to inflict the same sort of humiliation and violation of privacy on men as mostly male legislators are inflicting upon women across the country, but is wisely being sold under the exact same disingenuous “concern” as Republicans sell their attempts to control women’s wombs.

(A) No person other than a physician shall issue to a patient a prescription for a drug intended to treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

(B) Prior to issuing a prescription for a drug intended to treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction, a physician shall do all of the following:

(1) Obtain from the patient a notarized affidavit in which at least one of the patient’s sexual partners certifies that the patient has experienced symptoms of erectile dysfunction in the ninety days preceding the date on the affidavit;
(2) Refer the patient to a sexual therapist approved by the state medical board for an assessment of the possible causes of the patient’s symptoms of erectile dysfunction and obtain a written report in which the therapist concludes that the patient’s symptoms are not solely attributable to one or more psychological conditions;
(3) Conduct a cardiac stress test and obtain a result, described in writing, indicating that the patient’s cardiac health is compatible with sexual activity;
(4) Notify the patient in writing of the potential risks and complications associated with taking drugs intended to treat erectile dysfunction and obtain the patient’s signature on a form acknowledging the patient’s receipt of the notification;
(5) Declare in writing, under penalty of perjury, that the drug the physician is prescribing is necessary to treat the patient’s symptoms of erectile dysfunction and attach to the declaration a statement that clearly describes the physician’s medical rationale for issuing the prescription;
(6) Place all documents described in divisions (B)(1) to (5) of this section in the patient’s medical record and retain the documents as part of that record for not less than seven years.

These steps are all sound medical suggestions that are often overlooked out of courtesy to a man’s ego and in deference to his privacy.

There’s nothing like a first hand experience of governmental overreach punishing citizens for things they have no control over and controlling their private organs to help Americans decide that the Republican war on women must stop immediately.

Senator Turner is reminding lawmakers that they are setting a precedent that can be applied both ways.

We’re only doing it because “we care”, cried the white men legislating themselves into control over every American woman’s body.

Guess what, boys? This ain’t the 1950s and you will pay a price for the relentless war on women. See state Senators Turner and Davis for starters.

We’re mad and we’re not going to take it anymore. And, oh, hey, please proceed because we’re just getting warmed up.”


Thank you Sarah Jones for your most AWESOME article! After the week we’ve all just had, this went a long way to helping me not completely give up. And some of my cans have been replenished too. How about that?

I urge you to contact your female senators on either side of the aisle to submit similar bills. Here’s a link that will help you if you dunno if your state senator is female or male.

Hundreds upon hundreds of bills seeking to legislate female bodies are submitted all the time, all day long, throughout each month, every year. I try not to point fingers politically speaking, but the truth of the matter is the GOP is at the forefront with this type of shenaniganery. Their recent actions in Texas notwithstanding.

You must understand the level of inequality at play here. The sorts of invasive procedures, the right to privacy demolished, forcible government tactics and so forth are par for the course on all of those bills.

Understand that at no time has erectile dysfunction medication come under fire when it comes for what the government and you with your tax dollars pays for on health and medical insurance. Yet time and time again, a hue and a cry is raised – coupled with disgusting misogynistic language – about female contraception like the pill and Plan B “having to be paid for”.

We are all kinds of sluts and whores for wanting birth control, and then have the gall to expect our health insurance to cover it. Yet no talk of sluts and whores for men who want their dysfunctioning penises fixed and expect already have their health insurance covering it. Understand that the words “slut” and “whore” are not gender specific. If you learn anything today, learn that.

So I say GO FOR IT. Let the Erectile Dysfunction Bills RAIN DOWN.


I actually smiled today. Ok let’s be more honest. I was grinning like a cheshire cat the whole time I was writing this :D

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