I’m So Confused [Updated]

Color Me Confused

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I told myself I wouldn’t really blog about the Zimmerman Trial, and yet here I am on post number three I think it is. OH WELL.

Like pretty much most of us, my main experience with murder trials comes from TV and movies. Somebody gets charged with the murder of someone else, that person pleads not guilty, the prosecution has to prove that they were the one who killed that person.

Is the Zimmerman trial different in that respect? Because the defense is continuing to point out all the reasons why Trayvon deserved to be murdered, and I don’t see them doing anything towards proving GZ did not kill Trayvon.


So maybe this trial isn’t about proving that the person charged with 2nd degree murder is innocent of that charge, but instead its all about yeah he shot that kid but this is why it is totally ok that he did and should go free?

And throw in all the weird laws that Florida has. The Stand Your Ground for one, which I believe GZ already waived, so that is not going to be at issue here.

Now I see all over the web and on twitter all this stuff about self defense. I don’t know what the (Floridian) version of the law says what self defense is, so I’ll go with the basic all around definition.

In California I know that if you are on your own property and someone comes at you and you happen to kill them in the process of Defending Yourself, well you are covered by the self defense law they have out there.

I’m uncertain if you get charged with anything, manslaughter or whatever or nothing at all, but you are not considered “the aggressor” because you were minding your own business inside your own home or on your own property when you were attacked.


Things get fuzzy for me when dealing with other state’s laws on Self Defense, and there is the added factor of TM and GZ being out on the street and not on either one of their own properties. So I’m guessing the Self Defense thing is all about “Did You Fear For Your Life”.

Which is all well and good, but if you put your own damn stupid self into a position to get all afraid, then I wonder what the law says then? I’m guessing it’s like Stand Your Ground, where you can be the aggressor, and pull that card when the situation doesn’t go the way you’d planned.

I’m supposed to feel sorry for GZ because he ended up having to defend himself when he should have already been at home like the police told him to do. If he’d stopped following Trayvon, he wouldn’t be up there in court playing the victim.

If it is indeed GZ heard screaming on the one tape I heard, then wow you have to wonder at this guy, and his character. He goes all cop of the month, profiling, stalking and hunting down someone and then screams like a baby while armed the whole time, panics and shoots and kills Trayvon. And he’s supposed to walk free because he bit off more than he could chew.

And I heard he kept referring to Trayvon as “the suspect” in his testimony. Miss me with that nonsense, please. That kind of wanna be cop profiling is why Trayvon is dead. Not to mention a suspect is a person who is suspicious because they are engaging in criminal activity. Walking while Black and male is criminal behavior in this country. Trust and Believe that.


And GZ has yet to show one ounce of remorse for what he did. Has yet to show any indication that right or wrong – in his mind – he did take a human life, and that is a huge thing, and he still thinks he’s starring in his own cops and robbers movie. It doesn’t help that his lawyers think this is all fun and games too.

That in-station interview with the police just chilled me. He shows not one iota of remorse or being sorry for what he did. He cheerfully talks about going to beach the next day with his family. Meanwhile Trayvon’s corpse is cooling on a slab in the morgue. GZ is a freaking psychopath killer.


So what is this trial about really? Using the endemic racism in our society to help the damn  near all white jury let GZ walk free? Are they going to ever just duke it out over basic stripped down innocence vs guilty of murder?

I think they won’t touch the latter, because there was nobody else around who could have killed Trayvon, so they are doing everything else but touch on that, and plumbing the depths of the estoopid Florida laws to get their client off scott-free.

It sickens me, and makes me physically ill to think about the prospect of a murderer being set free because he chose to kill a person who is not deemed even human in society, and also by the laws of the place in which he committed that murder.

Dollars to donuts if set free, he’ll kill again. After all, wasn’t he just given a state-sanctioned pass to profile, hunt down and murder young black males on sight?

And if he gets a guilty verdict will he get a slap on the wrist or will he be prosecuted justly based on the 2nd degree murder charge? ie facing the true value of the human life he took and doing the correct amount of time for it.

People are so wrapped up in what’s happening now, that they forget despite a guilty verdict, there is still the prospect for injustice to be handed down via the punishment not fitting the crime.


And people, please no rioting if GZ goes free. PLEASE. Never let them see you sweat. And in all reality and seriousness, how surprised are you going to be really if he does? You have the right to be angry and upset about it, but rioting serves no purpose.

Better to rally the Floridian POC population towards political action and get on board to change the laws in that freaky ass state, so stone cold killers won’t walk the next time. Riot your way to get registered to vote, riot yourself to the ballot box, riot your way to voting the people into power who can help make those changes.

People should not get to be the aggressor in a situation, and be able to cry Stand Your Ground or Self Defense. Should you put yourself into an avoidable situation, and ish gets squirrelly for ya, the law should basically laugh at you, and mete out the proper justice you so richly deserve.

Of Note:

I’ve noticed that a lot of people out there continue to believe that Trayvon deserved to be murdered.

Also, because I haven’t been able to watch the trial, where is the forensics in this? No matter what GZ says about positioning of him and Trayvon at the time of the gunshot, forensics can tell exactly all of that.

Trajectory, distance, gunpowder/burns, body face up or face down, bruising etc. Was that covered at all? Someone tell me, cuz I can’t believe things are going to be decided on the defendant’s testimony alone. Especially since his victim is dead and unable to speak for himself.

UPDATE: Some of that forensic evidence I was looking for. GZ’s hands face and head, DNA evidence from Trayvon’s hands and clothing, lack of anything at all on GZ’s clothing – all point to no beatdown from Trayvon, or any knock-down drag-out fighting between the two at all.

Lots of evidence showing GZ had Trayvon pinned down with his face pressed into the ground. Which GZ already admitted he did do. Those screams for help on the tape are increasing appearing to be Trayvon and not GZ.


As I said before. Justice will happen or it won’t.
But I’m still confused as to what is actually going on in this trial. What is the defense actually defending and what the heck is the prosecution prosecuting?
GZ killed Trayvon. Ok good we all agree on that, now lets move on and have a trial about something else. uhh derf wha??? I’m confused.

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2 Responses to I’m So Confused [Updated]

    • Awake BW says:

      Hmm very interesting link! Thank you for posting it, Jenny. Reminds me of that study they did on brainwaves. Just watching people of different ethnicities pick up a glass of water and drink it. White people’s brains were engaged when watching someone who looked like them drink the water. When a POC drank the water, their brain waves echoed the waves of someone looking at a blank wall. I’ll chuck the link up later if I can find it.

      I have long held that empathy – or the lack thereof – is the key to race relations, and really all human interaction. It is were efforts should be focused IMO. We manage to do horrible things to each other when empathy is lacking.

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