Killer Kapitalist Kountry

black woman reading

Socialist, Socialism since the advent of Amerikkka’s first Black president those have been Bad Words, Bad Concepts, Bad Ways To Run a Country. And yet…

What has Capitalism done for us?

We run everything like a damn business in this country to our extreme detriment. Look at health care for example. And I use the words “health care” only so you know what I’m referring to. The stark reality before Affordable Health Care Act was a twinkle in President Obama’s eye was more accurately called the Medical Industrial Complex.

And still is really, since Obamacare doesn’t even begin to kick in until this Fall. However, you see large parts of our society and government fighting tooth and nail to make sure even those baby steps of health care reform don’t get to be put into action. And I sit there wondering, because I thought it was LAW now, and those companies and corporations and yes politicians calling for refusal: isn’t that illegal activity? But Oh Well. What do I know.

When you turn the care for human being’s health into a business, then it goes against the Bottom Line and sound business practices to actually cure anything. And let’s forget preventative care, you don’t want to have any of that going on. That’s making sure customers steer clear of your products even before they need to use them.

And lets not forget the hand-in-glove relationship with health care and Big Pharma. The money isn’t made in say selling off a cure for cancer. No, the money is made in the TREATMENT for disease. The “medicines”, the health care buildings, the staff, filling up all those beds. Curing disease has no financial future. Treating people for sickness – especially long term illnesses, chronic conditions – you can be raking in the dough for centuries to come.

Now you know why all the stiff opposition to Obamacare and why it took so damn long for our country to even make any reforms to the health care system at all. The people who are sqawking the loudest are the people who fear financial losses should American health care become “socialized”. ie actually about caring for the health of American people instead of being the Big Biz that it is right now.

The other half of the noisemakers are just basically interested in putting a halt to anything the President comes up with. Even to the detriment of America and all Americans. The spells TRAITOR to me. But what do I know?


Have a peek at jails and prisons. You know, the Prison Industrial Complex. People get paid to fill the cells and beds in a prison. Paid all the way down the line from the cops on the street out seeking arrests to the companies building and staffing prisons at a staggering rate. And meanwhile we’re shutting down schools at even faster rates, and we’ve already seen the stats on how many more jails and prisons we have than educational institutions in this nation.

How can people be fairly tried or receive justice in our courts when there is high pressure to have not only extant jails and prisons filled to capacity, but the new ones that are popping up left and right. It is a money making machine, and if you don’t believe me do a little research. Check out the prison products trade shows. This is Big Biz with human lives in the balance. Just like our health care.

Florida Governor Rick Scott Strikes Deal With Private Prison Company.

Other nations just look at us and shake their heads. If locking up people actually worked ie as a deterrent as well as rehabilitation, then based on the numbers we should be living in a crime-free utopia right about now.


Why has America never created an Education Industrial Complex? Actually there is one already sort of. In many states the system is hidden under the guise of the Charter School. It makes parents think they are fancy, and posh and can offer a better education than just a regular public school. After all, there is a difference between a regular plane and one you can charter privately.

The lower income parent gets trapped into false beliefs that they can better serve their children by getting them in to these charter schools. There is a reason that most of the charter schools in the nation are built in predominantly Black neighborhoods. They aren’t building these shiny new schools because they care about education for minorities. There is big money to be made in building schools, POC have already been shown to be lucrative targets for money making – lending and loans, real estate and mortgages – remember all that?


Also remember “all that” didn’t become a “problem” until white people became victims and targeted and the whole world came crashing down in 2008-2009.

Just what do you think is going to happen with health care, incarceration and education? Right now its only “those people” that are affected, but “those people” turned into “most Americans” right quick didn’t it? Suddenly nobody was working, nobody could afford the house they had bought and my ears didn’t twitch a millimeter at the cries as families sunk under water on their mortgages.

Because I’d already been hearing those cries from my community for the past 20 years. Nothing new, watchoo gonna do?


Why am I talking about all of this today? Because I nearly horked up my breakfast come to find out that Zimmerman’s bestie decided the first thing he was gonna do was write a book and try to cash in on the death of a murdered kid. A good capitalist, he. It’s all about making those dollar dollar bills, yo.

And naturally, if you didn’t know, POC are exponentially effected by what happens with health care, incarceration and education in this country. So I take heed. People think its all about “Obamabots” and blindly throwing support behind the President – because he’s Black.

I don’t give a flying who comes up with societal reforms, nor do I give a hoot about their melanin content. The stark reality is, if its slightly breezy for white America, there is a blizzard already going on for Black America.

If somebody – anybody – wants to make it easier and affordable for me to actually take care of my health, and for the millions of people like me who have not been able to do so, you bet I’m jumping on that bandwagon.

When I see people fighting to right the ills of incarceration, the school to prison pipeline, combating the system that puts more Black people behind bars than any other demographic in this country, you bet I’m hopping up on that train ride too.

Levar Burton Explains How He Avoids Getting Shot by Police.

When I see people, parents and politicians fighting the good fight, to bring everyone up to speed on the education front. When I see them fighting for reforms, and to keep schools open, to beef up our curriculae, seeking to make us global competitors in education and subsequently jobs, vocations and careers, you bet I’m marching in that parade.


Wouldn’t I just love to be able to live a life of ease and no stress, knowing that all my needs are taken care of. That I can afford any kind of care for my health, that I can skip over and past the public and charter schools and place my kids in private schools and be able to afford any top notch education for them that I desire.

That I have no worries that me, my husband, my daughters and sons, sisters and brothers or any family members won’t be unfairly targeted for filling up the prisons of this nation.

My life is not thus, and neither are the lives of millions in this country, POC or not, so yeah I know about the realities, and I strive to change them for the better, and fight the machines, the captains of industry, the capitalist society that seeks to use me and other Black bodes to make their billions. No ma’am and no sir!

Not going out like that.

And if that makes be a socialist commie liberal pinko eco tree hugging hippy radical leftist than print me up a button and I’ll wear my labels proudly.


Money before life and dignity will kill our nation off soon enough and America will become absolutely irrelevant.
And also during my Ditch Out of Dodge research into health care systems of other countries – hmm wow well what a difference. Governments that actually believe in having happy healthy citizens. Its Enough to make you weep.

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4 Responses to Killer Kapitalist Kountry

  1. bernasvibe says:

    Write on my Sista..Right ON..Love it, love it , love IT. Your words ring so true, and touch me , even though harsh..But it is reality..Our reality..and Americans reality. Never ceases to amaze me how folks can forget about their own well-being and best interests; and be against IT..because of the color issue. Its isn’t just amazing..dumbfounds me and speaks volumes ..Folks keeeeeep saying how far WE have come, and though I know I’m afforded many freedoms my ancestors only dreamed of(and at such a cost..) YET we’ve so far to go. As we struggle to just hold ON to our place , the place we’re in right now, we must push on harder to move further & faster than at the snail’s pace we’re traveling now. It will take voices upon voices to sound OFF , like yours. I feel blessed to be among the number that is able to read yours & I will spread it. I am hopeful you’ll read the piece I wrote not too long ago about my thoughts @ the Black genocide in our country. Was a very heavy piece for me to write or even think..But I wanted to write it before I turned 50. Anyways I can’t resist re-blogging your thoughts. Stay encouraged. Stay UPlifted . Stay blessed. Virtual high 5 ^^^^

    • Awake BW says:

      Huggss Berna! I had been meditating on your post, and I’ve commented and reblogged it – finally – because what you wrote is SO important and so deep and needs as many eyes on it as possible.

      I too, wonder what the future is going to be for our people in this country. I just hope that we CAN survive and not only that, prosper and become who we were all meant to be. Thanks for the reblog!

  2. bernasvibe says:

    Reblogged this on Berna's Vibe~The Way I See IT and commented:
    I can’t resist re-blogging this write..From one awake Black woman; indeed!

  3. DesiBjorn says:

    Reblogged this on The Angriest Black Man in America and commented:
    This is good talk. Such a relevant discussion. Respect.

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