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It isn’t often that someone comes along who is able to express exactly what you are feeling. I struggle daily to be able to articulate my thoughts and when someone comes along who Does It Better, I’m sure as pink ponies going to SHARE with y’all just like I did with yesterday’s reblog.

She goes by the handle ThatDeborahGirl on Abagond’s Blog and her comment on his recent post about the Zimmerman trial was a thing of beauty:

Reading the accounts and looking at the maps it seems that Trayvon was afraid and for good reason. He was walking the main strip of the gated community on a path home. He notices someone following him. Fight or flight? Flight. He veers off on a different path because he feels uncomfortable to the point where he even mentions it to the person he was on the phone with. He is trying to lose this guy or at least not give him a clear line of sight.

That should be enough but it’s not. As Trayvon is walking, the guy has now gotten out of his car and appears in front of him, blocking the path between Trayvon and HOME. Is it a coincidence? Fight or Flight? Wait.

This man means business and all of Trayvon’s worst fears have surfaced. The creepy feeling that he is being followed isn’t just a creepy feeling anymore. This guy is right in front of him and confronts him. Fight or Flight? FIGHT. He was given no choice

Trayvon Martin was right to be afraid. Trayvon Martin wound up dead after a literal fight for his life.

But we’re supposed to believe that George Zimmerman is innocent when everything he did provoked the fight and actually led to this kid’s death. We’re supposed to believe George Zimmerman was afraid and screaming for help when Trayvon was the one being harassed and followed.

We’re supposed to believe that the yelling stopped after the gun shot because Zimmerman just stopped yelling. Not because the person yelling was dying.

I read something someone posted on another site and it’s very interesting and that’s the police coverup on Zimmerman’s behalf. Kid gets shot. Nobody bothers to find out if he lives in the community. Knock on a door. Nothing. He gets to the morgue. He’s there for three days.

The day after the shooting, his father files a missing person report. Nobody says, “Hey, we have a John Doe we took to the morgue yesterday.” Nobody on this stellar police department draws a conclusion between a black father looking for his son and a black kid killed the day before.

Their lack of humanity and callousness is appalling. I try to imagine this happening to a white family and I simply cannot.

Zimmerman is going to get off. He deserves the death penalty. Zimmerman truly thinks he did what he had to do. Most white people do.


I had not realized that Trayvon lay in the morgue for three days, while his father was frantically filing a missing person report and trying to find his son.

Maybe I watch too much crime scene/police procedural television shows, but how in the world do you not go door to door trying to find the dead kid’s family?

The assumption by the police department was the same assumption GZ had: Trayvon was not where he belonged and therefore he did not live or was even a visitor in that gated community. So chuck the body in an ambulance, stow it in the morgue and call it a night.

Racism: bigotry and bias backed by systems of power.

On the #J4TM twitter feed I got to see this white guy whining and begging for someone to engage him in a conversation – for someone, anyone – to prove that GZ is racist. I was happy to see that everyone ignored him and kept it stepping live tweeting the trial proceedings.

And Abagond just recently did a blog post titled You Cannot “Prove” Racism to Most White Americans. Most POC in America understand this already, and would therefore ignore derailing trolling tactics like saw on that feed.

If you have to ask…


GZ will either go free or get a slap on the wrist. If anything else happens, I will be surprised. Despite all the forensic and DNA stuff throwing down now that are blowing holes in both GZ’s testimony and that of his book writing bestie.

Most especially because Florida and that state’s crazy ass laws that look to me like they were put on the books so people could go around killing POC and walk. Remember GZ was walking around free after committing murder. He was not immediately arrested or charged with any crime. Never forget that. Backed by systems of power: Indeed.

Nor has he ever expressed any remorse, verbally or otherwise for killing Trayvon Martin.

The only time we might see remorse or even tears flowing will be if we suddenly flip into my fantasy world where justice actually happens and GZ gets a guilty verdict and has the book thrown at him during sentencing.

But it still won’t be tears or remorse for Trayvon. It will be sad and sorry feelings for himself; that now he has to actually pay for the crime he committed.


Everything depends on that jury. And then if they do happen to bring forth a guilty verdict, everything will depend on the judge who will do the sentencing.
When you see the defense spending nearly all its time in painting a dead kid in stereotypical colors, trying to discredit forensic experts instead of proving their client’s innocence… well, you know what time it is.

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    • Awake BW says:

      Yes Ma’am. And Thank You!
      Your comment just blew me away and confirmed for me my – now shown to be accurate – prediction that GZ would walk. I had to share it with my peeps, because I felt they should know what time it was too.

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