Why I Do Sunday Thoughts


There is are some really good reasons why I do a post every Sunday. For Quakers, Sunday is called First Day, because for them, their day of worship is also the first day of the week. So I like to double down on that, because I think it’s awesome.

Also, because I know well my struggle with mental illness, I may relapse or get triggered, or end up in the hospital or just flat out not be able to function. But I like to have a standing date with my blog to write SOMETHING – anything – at least one day a week.

As my Intersect Tesseracts well know, my usual mode – so far knockonwood – has been anything but just once a week. And yes, right now I’m doing pretty well and I’m reinforcing my support systems for the times – because there will always be those times – when I won’t be doing as well.

I know I gather inspiration and motivation and just plain LARNIN from exploring your blogs, and reading and listening to what you have to say. So Thank You!

I always encourage people to write No Matter What even when you are feeling like something the cat dragged in. Hence I have my standing commitment to blog at least once a week, every First Day.

To give you my Thoughts on Sunday, and also at the same time prepare myself for the next week to come. Some of you are going through similar journeys, and understand what it is to have to prepare for everything, even simply how you are going to face the next sunrise.


As you know, I just recently fired up twitter, after some hesitation, having chucked it years ago right after it came out. It is a different animal indeed! And while on some areas I’m completely lost, I’d like to give the fellow twitterpated ones some cool people to follow.

@AwakeBlackWoman – hey, that’s ME :)

@AngryBlackLady – Imani Gandy, Senior Legal Analyst, a DIVA

@Luvvie – Luvvie from Awesomely Luvvie blog

@afrobella – Beauty, hair and culture blogger extraordinaire

@toddyrockstar – Todrick Hall, triple threat and his life is VIVID

@WEEKinBLACKNESS – This Week in Blackness, all TWiB everything, the BEST podcasts on the Planet Urf.

Now WHO can tell me how/if you can block someone on twitter? And what in the world is a “subtweet”? And any tips and advice on hashtags would be greatly appreciated. And I wish I could type in text when I retweet. I guess that feature is only available via phone app or something? I don’t possess an iphone so that’s just a guess. I tweet exclusively from my computer.

I don’t think my brain has wrapped anywhere near completely around the depth and breadth of Teh Twit.

Help meeeeee! ;p


May your First Day be chock full of contemplation, relaxation and buckets of Love ;)

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2 Responses to Why I Do Sunday Thoughts

  1. BroadBlogs says:

    While the calendar puts Sunday as the first day, I’ve never really experienced it that way. But what a great way of experiencing each week. To begin with a day of devotion and reflection. You gave me a new perspective on that. Thank you.

    • Awake BW says:

      You are very welcome! I was raised Quaker, and it was the longest before I realized that not everyone considered Sunday the first day of the week. And that is kinda interesting, in that, as you said, our calendars are formatted that way – Sunday through Saturday. Dang, now I have to go google and find out why that is lol.

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