I Want Off The Planet

Kickin It On Mars

That one-way Mission To Mars thing is looking better and better each day. I tell myself the only reason I haven’t applied is cuz I don’t have a video cam. But I sorta do. And I have friends who could record my application vid for me too. So there are really no excuses. Especially when FOR THE SECOND TIME in as many days I was simply not prepared for an Epic Humanity Fail.

I’m becoming too good of a human being I guess.

I speak a lot about Rape Culture, sexism, misogyny and how we are at emergency levels, and have been for some time. And if humanity is to survive on this planet, we need to get this situation handled like yesterday. And yes, my call for MEN to step up to the plate is genuine and critical and is indeed the catalyst to make lasting change in this area.

Some of you might think that I’m being abstract, that I’m only reacting to headlines when extreme cases pop up in the media and so forth. No, not really. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please

Click Here and Read All About It. <—trigger warning though. The hate speech is thorough, wide and deep.

A woman at the top of her game wins Wimbledon and all manner of heck breaks loose on twitter.

To say that I wasn’t prepared for the Epic Humanity Fail is an understatement.

I want off the planet.

I just cannot deal.


I’m trying to be coherent, but it is very hard. I already have seen what the Williams sisters have to put up with, all this type of crap PLUS the racist crap added in on top.

This just keeps flashing me back to all that madness, and I still to this day do not know who those two excellent women have not only persevered, but continued to make significant strides in their sport.

My heart goes out to Marion Bartoli, and I wish she could have just kicked butt, won her ish and been able to be awesome and have the world see her as such.

But apparently women in sports is all about how you look, and nothing to do with you being an athlete at the top of your game. If you don’t fit the bill on looks, body shape, hair color and bra size according to the males of the world, then heaven help you, should you have the audacity to win a world-class match or anything.

I am so saddened by this.

My heart hurts.

Silver lining? Maybe some – especially males – who have not realized how rampant and vitriolic and endemic the misogyny is on this planet, might choose this moment to WAKE UP and join the fight to end it.

Share your thoughts, as always they are welcome

In the meantime


I’m OUT.

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4 Responses to I Want Off The Planet

  1. celticlass says:

    It makes my heart hurt too. I’ve only read a few of the comments but even those made me cry. Please keep on writing. You have a rare way with words, and I learn so much from what you write.

    • Awake BW says:

      LOTSA hugss for youuu. Thank you so much for your kind words. I think that I will always write. I might tap out for awhile to recharge and regroup, but I will always write. If my hand tremors get too much, I’ll get one them new fangled dictation software thingies lol

      Blessings to You and Yours and thank you for the encouragement to keep on keeping on: So much appreciated you have no idea… hurting hearts seems like par for the course these days…

  2. revmatthews says:

    Reading through your archives; found this one. It reminds me of Gabby Douglas’ endurance of negative comments about her hair ( http://espn.go.com/olympics/summer/2012/espnw/story/_/id/8232063/espnw-gabby-douglas-hair-criticized-social-media-sites ). Two of the things in this world that are completely color-blind is hate and ignorance. Gender-blind, as well.

    I try, on my blog, to conquer ignorance by using humor (I suppose the jury is still out on that) to show the absurdity of certain thoughts/behavior, starting with my own. I’m learning that a faulty premise will yield a faulty conclusion. And, I’m learning that I have more ignorance stuck in the crevices of my mind than I care to admit to. As a wise man said, “The recipe for perpetual ignorance is: Be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge.”

    So, on my quest to dislodge the stubborn bits of ignorance I cling to, I read. I’m finding your blog to be an effective bit of mental floss. Keep writing.

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