A Little Salt On My Cracker


Positioned as I am spanning two worlds and maybe even perhaps three

Images and words and purpose and pontificating threaten to smother me and silence me

But I refuse to stop and maybe just maybe if One will not only Listen but Hear then it grows like a wave swell

And didn’t I just wonder with my Eyes Wide Open so truly Awake that I can’t sleep ever never again?

Pretty words might be poetry but for sure prose that is squeezed out of every heart beat because If I don’t

I just might die and what is the difference and why are we even having this conversation because

cracker bling

Hanging from a gold chain accessory fourteen karat gold plate dangling so fine and blinging

Ringing in my ears the lament Billie she moaned and sang to me about strange fruit


And why do you even have to ask the question


To mention that there even might be an equivalency when you know yes you KNOW

lynched in chains

That there is not and never could be

Because you know your history

And if you don’t know that’s ok because I know and I Teach and we all Learn and we all need to talk about

What the actual problem is because all of this

Is time wasting hot air on air just serves to confuse and obfuscate and take us on a train ride far away from

What is really Real and what we should be talking about

Thinking about

It is time to remember and never forget and that salt is flavor on your food but this salt is the taste of my tears

for the years Black Bodies swinging in chains dangling from trees at the picnic

I’m fed up

Hungry for Equality and Change.


This, my Spoken Word post is my take on the whole Nigger vs Cracker nonsense that is going on in the media right now.
I used the juxtaposition of a cracker as jewelry hanging from a gold chain with the image of a Black man lynched in chains to drive home the fact that there is no equivalency between those two slurs.
A picture speaks etc.
And while we are having all these pundit filled panels on the subject we are neatly side-stepping and avoiding talking about and actually doing something about Racism In America.
The title of my post is part of a punchline from comedian Paul Mooney.

About Awake BW

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6 Responses to A Little Salt On My Cracker

  1. rippleforward says:

    I’m tired of being tired! I hear ya. That conversation has been bothering me all week. I’ve gotten into several online debates with others and the whole race thing is getting to me. I even wrote a letter to my local paper – in my 41 years on this green Earth I have never done that. Never. What’s a woman to do? So, I started writing and couldn’t stop. My blog post ended up so long that I had to take it down and am in the process of revising it now. No sense in it being too much to swallow in one bite, so, more work to be done. As it turns out, I have even more to add and it is going to be in something like 8-10 parts. I resurrected my blog just last week so the timing is perfect. The opening blog to the discussion on race is still up, though, “Yet Another Open Letter to White People.” If you are interested, in the meantime… keep speaking your truth. Don’t ever shut up.

    • Awake BW says:

      I’m SO glad I’m not the only one having blog post bloat-itis! You have no idea how loooong my longer rambling posts USED to be before I edited, and did a reducing cut down session or two on them. I have just this past week make a conscious pact with myself to keep my blog posts shorter. Ongoing process lmao

      I’m really excited about you making a come back with your blog! I will mosdef check it out, and fyi I have a Flog Your Blog policy up in here – anytime anyone wants to post a relevant link – your writing or someone elses: GO FOR IT!

  2. DesiBjorn says:

    Yo, this was so tight! Love to see creative minds soak up the world around them, put it through the fire of thought, and spit it out as art. Respect.

    • Awake BW says:

      Merci beaucoup! I really felt it and just let it flow.

      I’m trying to find my headset, and my recording software lol I want to put up a link so peeps can hear me speaking my words.

      trivia tidbit: I found that blinging cracker necklace when I was doing my search for saltine images. I could NOT believe it was a real actual thing. Knocked me right out.

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